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VMware touts benefits of private cloud computing, VDC-OS

VMware, Inc. is on a mission to show companies that they can get the benefits of cloud computing without handing their mission critical applications over to an outside provider; with the upcoming Virtual Data Center-Operating System (VDC-OS), IT will be able to create secure, private cloud environments.

The yet to be released VDC-OS represents the evolution of the VMware Infrastructure; the platform, which is due for release sometime this year,  will transform traditional data centers into internal cloud environments. The business case for creating an private cloud is less complexity in the data center; software like VDC-OS will virtualize and automate systems to the point that there is less ‘knob turning’ and more time spent on tasks that improve business, said VMware Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Bogomil Balkansky.

“Too much of IT budgets are spent on management tasks and keeping the lights on, instead of on tasks that actually improve business,” Balkansky said. “Infrastructure complexities should not get in the way of this, but they do.”

While external clouds like Amazon EC2 offer the same benefits of internal clouds, VMware is betting that large enterprises won’t send their mission critical applications outside the four walls of their data centers to these providers. Instead, they will want to create private cloud compute infrastructures using software like VDC-OS.

“There are security challenges with public clouds; enterprises don’t trust [outsiders] with their customer and financial data,” Balkansky said.  “We want to transfer the notion of cloud computing to internal data center operations.”

VMware is also hosting a webinar on January 29 about Internal Cloud Computing, if you want to hear more on this.

Balkansky said private cloud computing environments will gain traction in large data centers, but that could just be a self-serving prophecy. After all, most public cloud providers won’t pay for VMware software and use free and open source Xen instead; hence, VMware has no place to go but within the enterprises that already know and love VMware.

While VMware is on an private cloud advocacy mission, as the largest virtualization provider on the planet, it can’t ignore the need to play well with public clouds. That’s where VMware’s vCloud initiative comes into play; it will eventually allow VMware users to move their virtual machines on demand between their datacenters and cloud service providers, and over 200 partners have signed up to support vCloud so far, Balkansky said.

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