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  • Amazon claims 400,000 web services users

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 03 Feb 2009
  • An industry insider close to Amazon's Web Services (AWS) business unit told us the company claims to have 400,000 customers using its web services offering. AWS includes EC2, the compute-on-demand ...

  • VMware touts benefits of private cloud computing, VDC-OS

    Bridget Botelho - Editorial Director, News 22 Jan 2009
  • VMware, Inc. is on a mission to show companies that they can get the benefits of cloud computing without handing their mission critical applications over to an outside provider; with the upcoming ...

  • Cloud hype extends to NIC cards

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 19 Jan 2009
  • Hifn says its new Express DS4100 NIC card is "optimized for the cloud". What's next? Cables? Batteries? My desk? The problem with the cloud is speed in terms of uploads and downloads, says Hifn's ...

  • Sun buys Q-Layer a tad early

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 07 Jan 2009
  • Sun Microsystems snapped up a key piece of cloud-enabling technology via its acquisition of Belgium-based Q-Layer this week, but it's way ahead of most enterprise IT shops that are not ready for ...

  • Gartner VP predicts thousands of clouds

    Bridget Botelho - Editorial Director, News 08 Dec 2008
  • Gartner’s Vice President and distinguished analyst Tom Bittman spoke with us about the IT industry evolution led by virtualization and cloud computing, and why big players like VMware won't be the ...

  • Should Amazon EC2 follow Moore's Law?

    Mark Fontecchio 04 Dec 2008
  • According to the economical side of Moore's Law, processing power gets cheaper every year due to vendors being able to pack more of it in the same amount of space. Should cloud computing follow ...

  • Cloud computing, are you in or out?

    Rick Vanover - Veeam 04 Dec 2008
  • While the cloud is a new dimension of technology that IT managers and administrators will bake into the technology landscape, we have to make one fundamental decision: will the technology be in our ...

  • 10 plugs for by the New York Times

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 20 Nov 2008
  • Acknowledging that a vendor paid for your hotel and travel does not excuse shameless reporting. It just makes it pointless. I'd rather read a creative ad than a re-written press ...

  • Symantec 'cloud' service patchy

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 20 Nov 2008
  • This week, Symantec Corp. launched a service that pushes configuration updates to Veritas Cluster Server and Veritas Storage Foundation users specific to that user's environment. It's called ...

  • Cloud tidbits from the 451 Group Client Conference

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 12 Nov 2008
  • Duncan Johnston-Watt, the CEO of stealthy upstart Cloudsoft Corp. gave the first presentation on his new company at the 451 Group's Client Conference in Boston today. "I like to say you're not ...