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rPath X6 relieves software config management headaches

Software configuration management is one of those topics that gives me an instant ice cream headache, and I’m not even doing it!

Pity the poor admin whose job it is to keep track of all the versions of operating systems, applications and firmware and the interdepencies between them all, so as not to hit a conflict when installing or deinstalling something that brings everything grinding to a halt. In a cloud environment, when everything is virtualized it gets even harder to manage as resources are constantly being moved around.

With the latest version of rPath’s software, dubbed X6, development, QA, and release engineers can construct, deploy, configure and repair software stacks via a easy to use, visual UI, helping to keep control of software configuration.

rPath X6 allows users to visually create a version-controlled blueprint for generating system images, managing changes up and down the stack. And it works across physical, virtual and cloud-based resources.

Here are some shots of the UI. Click on them to get a clearer view.

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