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Evaluate Weigh the pros and cons of technologies, products and projects you are considering.

Evaluate public IaaS options for your organization

A growing demand for public IaaS has brought many players into the market, but not every platform will fit your needs. Analyze what your company needs, and compare the leading vendors to make the best choice.


The public infrastructure-as-a-service market has seen enormous growth in recent years. In fact, a 2017 Gartner report stated that the IaaS public cloud service market grew as much as 31% in 2016 alone. And as the market expands, public cloud providers continue to roll out new services at a dizzying pace.

With so many options becoming available to consumers, enterprises must ensure that the public IaaS vendors they choose not only meet their infrastructure and budget requirements but are also feature-rich, with options to adopt emerging technologies, like AI and machine learning.

This buyer's guide can help you understand how public IaaS functions, evaluate potential benefits and risks and break down vendors' key features to choose the one that's right for your needs. While Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft currently dominate the public IaaS market, smaller and more niche vendors are beginning to emerge, and buyers should learn more about what they offer as well.

1What is?-

The public IaaS market expands

Public IaaS technology offers numerous benefits for companies, and their options continue to grow. Learn how public IaaS functions and the IT advantages it can bring.


The growing market and broadening benefits of public IaaS

Public clouds can help companies scale services on demand, access emerging technologies and be more cost-efficient. Learn more about these benefits and potential risks. Continue Reading

2Do I need?-

The case to adopt public IaaS

Discover the various business cases for which an organization would want to implement public IaaS and how different platforms address different needs.


Get public IaaS for your organization using these use cases

A solid public IaaS platform can simplify and optimize IT tasks ranging from application testing and high-performance computing to disaster recovery. Continue Reading

3How to buy-

What to look for in a public IaaS platform

Learn about the general features and capabilities that public IaaS vendors should possess and what to look for when evaluating which platform would be most suitable for your organization.


Evaluate these public IaaS features when considering options

When evaluating public IaaS vendors, buyers should look at their support for emerging technologies and hybrid cloud, as well as their compute options and range of instance types. Continue Reading

4Which should I buy?-

Compare public IaaS features to make the best buy

Public cloud providers all claim to provide things like high availability and performance, but how exactly they deliver on those promises can differ.


Compare public IaaS vendors based on specific criteria

With the range of options available, selecting a public IaaS provider can be difficult. Buyers must carefully assess and compare specific features, such as those for redundancy, as well as things like management tools and economic viability. Continue Reading

5Product roundup-

Break down leading public IaaS provider options

While some are more well-known than others, the public cloud market offers a range of vendors for buyers to consider. Read this in-depth overview of some of the top options available, and get a sense for their strengths and weaknesses.


Check out the top IaaS providers for your public cloud

AWS, Google and Microsoft continue to dominate the public IaaS market, but some smaller or more niche providers have also established themselves. This roundup helps buyers gauge their relative pros and cons. Continue Reading

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