CloudVelox is a software provider that offers migration and disaster recovery (DR) tools for cloud computing environments. The company's software automates the migration of applications to public clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and is intended to reduce cloud deployment time and cost.

CloudVelox software allows companies to migrate physical and virtual workloads into and between cloud environments using drag-and-drop operations rather than traditional scripts. This automates the application discovery, blueprinting, provisioning and synchronization processes, saving organizations from having to perform them manually.

In addition to automating the migration of applications and data to the cloud, organizations can use CloudVelox software for disaster recovery in the cloud. Disaster recovery is a part of IT security planning intended to minimize disruption to enterprise data in the event of a natural disaster, equipment failure, security breach or other negative event. In a cloud DR model, enterprise data is replicated or backed up in a cloud storage environment.

CloudVelox's key products include:

One Hybrid Cloud (OHC): A DR and cloud migration software product that helps organizations automate the movement of physical, virtual or multi-tier applications to the public cloud. In addition, developers can use OHC to migrate their application development and testing environments to the cloud. Because the software provides visibility into both the cloud and on-premises environments through a single interface, OHC can be used to deploy and manage a hybrid cloud.

R2R for AWS: A software product that offers region-to-region (R2R) failover for AWS workloads. Organizations can use R2R to move applications from one AWS data center region to another in the event of an outage. R2R supports Windows, Linux, CentOS and Ubuntu operating systems, as well as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases.

Based in Santa Clara, Calif., CloudVelox, which changed its name from CloudVelocity in 2014, was founded in 2009. CloudVelox's software is used primarily by cloud administrators.

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