Cloud and DevOps practices help make app development a breeze

Making the cloud and a DevOps environment work

Sometimes, a good way to make the best of one tricky situation is to pair it with another. Enter the cloud and the DevOps environment. Although cloud computing has been around for what seems like forever, organizations still struggle to use it efficiently for application development. It can be hard to manage costs and deployments as well as extremely difficult to streamline the process. Ostensibly, DevOps -- the hot new development methodology -- couldn't really help things along since it too can be difficult to implement.

However, this handbook examines several advantages in bringing the cloud and a DevOps environment together. The cultural shifts inherent in DevOps, whereby a team truly works as a single unit, are exactly what can help in cloud deployments. Do DevOps correctly, and working in the cloud will no longer be such a stretch.

From the perspective of containers and the cloud in a DevOps environment, being smart about your container strategy can really make cloud deployments safe and secure. If your DevOps goal is a portable cloud, Containers make the most sense.

For those organizations that want to maximize a cloud effort, the only way to get there is through a successful DevOps deployment. When CloudExpo 2016 attendees were asked what they believe to be the secret to cloud success, their answers overwhelmingly were a mix of Agile -- the forerunner to DevOps -- and DevOps itself. The bottom line: A DevOps environment forces companies to automate and clean up every step of the development process. Do that, and suddenly the cloud and DevOps seem easy.