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June 2016

Cloud streaming analytics prescribes big data remedies

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It seems like everything's in motion these days. Streaming data is no exception. With the avenues of information proliferating, it's critical that companies extract value from incoming data in real time, enabling them to devise successful business strategies and remain competitive. IDC reports that the amount of data created is growing at a burgeoning rate of 40% annually and will reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020. Needless to say, collecting, storing and analyzing this data can require a nonstop effort of herculean proportions. Cloud streaming analytics can help companies get a better grip on that relentless endeavor and mine true business value.

In the first feature of this guide, News Writer Joel Shore reports how Time Warner Cable used real-time cloud streaming analytics as a service to gain better insight into its customer base and identify new marketing opportunities for its clients. The second feature by Shore raises the question of whether big data is too big for cloud-based analytics. While companies amass and store large amounts of data, the percentage of collected data that's actually accessed for analytics purposes is alarmingly microscopic. In the third feature, IT consultant Swathija Raman delineates five principles of mastering software analytics, logging and reporting in relation to the internet of things and how these principles apply equally to a multitude of business formats.

Table Of Contents

  • Analytics as a service can provide hindsight, insight and foresight
  • Can cloud-based analytics handle big data?
  • Mastering software analytics, logging and reporting

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