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September 2013

Is it time to migrate to the cloud?

Cloud computing offers substantial benefits for some companies in terms of scalability, flexibility and cost savings through shared, multitenant infrastructure. But for some companies with lots of sensitive data subject to regulation, entrenched data center investments and lots of legacy architecture, moving to the cloud may not make sense. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller companies without a lot of data center resources may benefit from access to the cloud or may not get cost benefits from a private or hybrid cloud if they haven't virtualized enough on their own.

In this handbook on considerations in moving to the cloud, we evaluate the kinds of company and infrastructure conditions in which it does -- or doesn't -- make sense to move to one of the cloud models.

Table Of Contents

  • Cloud migration costly but worthwhile
  • Should you take the cloud risk?
  • Why data center insourcing still makes sense

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