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January 2016

PaaS development options difficult to navigate

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PaaS development is a playground that offers scalable compute resources, integrated tools, middleware and everything a developer needs to test and deploy applications. But developers must cut through the hype of those features to choose from the multitude of platform as a service (PaaS) providers. This handbook offers expert advice on PaaS selection criteria. First, news writer Joel Shore talks with PaaS experts who identify the top criteria for picking a platform as a service. Next, consultant Tom Nolle discusses how PaaS features such as access control suites, standardized application connections and workflow tools can help developers build more secure applications. Last, Bill Claybrook highlights the advantages and disadvantages of cloud development in the Google App Engine -- and compares the Google engine with the Amazon Web Services PaaS offering.

Table Of Contents

  • Factors to consider when choosing a PaaS provider
  • How to get the most from PaaS cloud security
  • Developing and deploying cloud apps on GAE

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