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May 2016

Questions to answer before hybrid cloud adoption

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Hybrid cloud adoption is growing, as is the understanding of what a hybrid cloud truly is. It is more common now for people to agree on what constitutes a hybrid cloud -- with shared ideas on the essential ingredients: self-provisioning, pooled resources, measuring and elasticity. Hybrid cloud advantages include moving workloads between private and public clouds as needed to allow a business to meet demand while controlling costs. Achieving these efficiencies, however, requires a strategy. Otherwise, the opportunity for an effective hybrid cloud initiative will be lost.

This three-part guide examines the questions admins should ask before hybrid cloud adoption. Some apps are not suitable for a public cloud, and a company with sensitive data may be wary about removing that information from an in-house server. Also it's important is understand that your network needs to be prepared for hybrid cloud integration, as failing to check that can create problems, including latency issues.

Once a business has decided to proceed with hybrid cloud adoption, having a plan for acquiring, using and managing cloud services will go a long way. Many businesses are using more cloud vendors than they realize, creating confusion and unnecessary expenses. It's also worth considering tiered-storage architecture, including placing the primary storage system on the private cloud and the secondary storage on the public cloud.

About The Author

Kristin Knapp - Executive Editor

Kristin Knapp is executive editor for TechTarget's IT ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Building and managing hybrid clouds
  • A strategy to prevent chaos
  • Using tiered storage with hybrid clouds 

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