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A comprehensive look at the path to cloud migrations

Despite roadblocks in the process, cloud migrations can bring significant rewards. To successfully move to the cloud, organizations need to craft a migration strategy, assess risks and plan for surprises.


Many organizations embark on cloud migrations to achieve scalability, cost-efficiency and higher application performance. But migrating apps to the cloud is a complex process that requires careful planning and deliberation.

It's essential that organizations consider all possibilities -- both good and bad. Cloud migration issues, such as unexpected costs, interoperability, security gaps and unanticipated application rework, can create significant obstacles. To help smooth a frequently bumpy path, organizations need to craft a well-thought-out migration strategy.

Whether your organization is migrating to the cloud from an in-house environment or from one cloud to another, it's important to understand the process and temper any exorbitant expectations. And, since not every application will benefit from the cloud, make sure a migration is right for your organization before diving in.

1Planning for a cloud migration-

Prepare to take the cloud plunge with a migration strategy

Cloud migrations can be fraught with risks and unknowns, so don't go into them unprepared. To avoid potential disaster, map out your strategy and plan for the unexpected. A solid migration strategy acts as a guide or checklist to ensure a successful journey to the cloud. Enterprises need to plan for expenses -- especially the unexpected ones -- as well as the migration's effect on an organization, its systems and users.


Piecing together your cloud migration strategy

While cloud migrations can introduce cost savings and other perks, be sure to have a plan. Strategies must account for app requirements and other considerations. Continue Reading


Costly cloud move worth the price for HBP

Harvard Business Publishing took the cloud plunge after spending millions of dollars updating servers. But the price -- and risk -- was worthwhile. Continue Reading


Five keys to sell your organization on cloud migration

Despite its benefits, like scalability and agility, cloud has its cynics. Here are five talking points to get your entire organization behind a cloud migration. Continue Reading


Compiling your cloud migration to-do list

From choosing providers to calculating costs, a cloud migration can be long and challenging. Here are six steps to include on your migration to-do list. Continue Reading


Reap the rewards of cloud -- before and after migration

Cloud migration can be beneficial, but you must know how to reap the rewards. Follow these steps to get the most from cloud -- before and after launch. Continue Reading

2Performing a cloud migration-

Technical considerations for migrating to the cloud

Cloud migrations can be laborious, requiring many steps and manual adjustments. While a solid cloud migration strategy can simplify the process, enterprises still need to consider a number of factors, including tools, governance, performance, application design and more. With a plethora of third-party tools available, it's important to identify those that best meet your migration needs. Additionally, enterprises must consider scary, what-if scenarios, such as a migration driving up, rather than reducing, application costs.


Lower TCO possible, not promised with cloud migration

Cloud migrations create high hopes for lower application TCO. But that hope doesn't spring eternal, as every app isn't suited for cloud. Continue Reading


Cloud tools minimize migration woes

Cloud migration can be a painful process with unexpected costs and challenges. But tools from Accenture, Datapipe and other vendors can help. Continue Reading


Governance must adapt, not die, after a cloud migration

While cloud migrations can be frustrating, data governance strategies need to adapt along with them. Follow these three steps to keep governance alive. Continue Reading


Dos and don'ts when preparing for a cloud migration

Cloud migration affects existing IT infrastructure, including networks and storage. To ensure the best bang for your cloud buck, don't ignore migration repercussions. Continue Reading


Covering cloud migration bases, from cost to app design

Migrating apps to the cloud is a complex, multi-layer process. Organizations need to consider unexpected costs, application design and more. Continue Reading


Consider your consumption model to cash in on cloud

Public cloud's cost-efficient reputation doesn't guarantee savings. Consider your consumption model before a cloud migration to cash in on cloud. Continue Reading

3Avoiding cloud migration risks-

Mitigating migration challenges for cloud success

The path to cloud computing can be a long and arduous one for organizations considering migration. Whether an enterprise is migrating from an on-premises environment or from one cloud to another, it's a risky proposition. Enterprises often contend with regulatory and compliance issues, unexpected budget busters, poor performance, security concerns and more. But for many organizations, improved scalability, agility and other cloud benefits make the risk worth the reward.


Clearing cloud migration hurdles with proper planning

While cloud migrations can be an uphill climb with many hurdles to clear, tasks such as right-sizing and testing applications can minimize risks. Continue Reading


Private to public cloud migration still a bumpy road

Third-party tools have emerged to ease cloud-to-cloud migration, but challenges around system compatibility and workload conversion remain. Continue Reading


Migrating between public clouds is no walk in the park

Moving from one public cloud to another can mean a lot of heavy lifting. Organizations must often tackle IP address, DNS and other changes manually. Continue Reading


Public cloud ROI not a guarantee

While public cloud is known for its cost-efficiency, migration challenges and other issues make it better to leave certain apps on-premises for the biggest ROI. Continue Reading


Regulated industries face unique cloud migration risks

Cloud migrations present challenges for any enterprise, but for financial, federal and healthcare organizations, concerns around breaches and regulatory issues are heightened. Continue Reading


Analyze your applications' readiness for cloud

Before migrating an application to the cloud, it's important to not only assess all potential risks, but the readiness of the application. Continue Reading

4Cloud migrations glossary-

Terms to note for migrating apps to the cloud

Cloud migrations are a hands-on process, so enterprises need to have solid knowledge of the latest terms and technology. And because cloud computing is a rapidly evolving area of IT, its evolution brings new terminology for enterprises to learn. What are the differences between cloud migrations and cloud-to-cloud migrations? How will noisy neighbors affect my application's performance once it's in the cloud? These definitions prepare enterprises for their cloud journey and help to ensure a successful migration.

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