A machine learning and AI guide for enterprises in the cloud

Last updated:November 2017

Editor's note

AI technologies, including machine learning, give enterprises more insight into their data, streamline IT management tasks and provide a number of other benefits. Machine learning achieves these benefits by finding patterns in enterprise data sets and predicting possible outcomes -- all without the need for human intervention, which frees up admins for other tasks.

Machine learning and AI services from major public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google, make these technologies more accessible to enterprises. But before jumping in, organizations need to ensure that they have the necessary IT skill sets, carefully evaluate their service options and then implement them effectively.

Use this guide to tackle some of those challenges and to get started with machine learning and AI cloud services in your organization.

1Advance your machine learning and AI skills

As enterprise adoption rises, IT pros need to update their skill sets and seek training for machine learning and AI in the cloud. Some admins might need to rethink their management processes, and some CIOs will struggle to identify the right business problems for machine learning to solve. Top public cloud providers offer training programs and certifications for their respective platforms, as well as foundational knowledge. There are also vendor-neutral training options from third-party vendors and universities.

2Navigate cloud service options for machine learning and AI

Major cloud providers are battling for the top spot in the machine learning and AI market. Offerings such as as Amazon Machine Learning, Microsoft Cognitive Services and Google Cloud Machine Learning continue to expand to lure in enterprises. Each platform delivers a different flavor of machine learning and AI to meet the unique needs of enterprises. Break down their key features to determine which best meets your goals.

3How much do you know about machine learning and AI?

Take this machine learning and AI quiz to assess how much you know about these two hot technologies.