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An IT pro's survival guide for multicloud computing

Don't get lost on the multicloud computing trail. Use this guide to determine if multicloud meets your IT needs, learn how to choose the right mix of providers and map out a multicloud management strategy.


Multicloud computing represents a new frontier for IT pros. Because it's difficult for a single cloud provider to perfectly meet all their needs, some enterprises are using multiple providers and multiple sets of cloud services to regain control.

A multicloud environment gives you the advantage of both private and public cloud, while minimizing cloud vendor lock-in risks. Having multiple cloud providers can also reduce the risk of data loss or downtime because of to a single provider's failure. But to take advantage of multicloud benefits, you need to carefully manage and monitor your cloud deployment and costs. Follow this guide to map a path out of the single-cloud provider realm and into the world of multicloud computing.

1An introduction to multicloud-

Get ready for multicloud computing

Finding a cloud model that works for you shouldn't be like traveling without a GPS. With multicloud computing, you can mix and match both private and public cloud services to meet your enterprise's unique needs. But before heading down that road, it's important to understand the ins and outs of a multicloud deployment, including the benefits and challenges. Here's a closer look at the evolution of multicloud computing in the enterprise, and what cloud admins can expect.


Find out if a multicloud model fits your needs

Some businesses need more than one cloud to optimize their workflows. Involving a mix of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings, a multicloud strategy can help do just that. Continue Reading


Hybrid cloud to walk in multicloud's shadow

The multicloud model is becoming more popular, as it helps enterprises avoid being tied to one cloud vendor -- but there are interoperability challenges to address. Continue Reading


Some OpenStack projects need more than one provider

Clayton Weise, director of cloud services at KeyInfo, talks about how and why his company took a multivendor approach to its OpenStack project Continue Reading


Plan ahead for multicloud deployment

Multicloud computing introduces new integration challenges, but organizations can overcome them with a solid deployment plan. Continue Reading


Consistency crucial for multicloud success

While multicloud computing can help reduce the risk of data loss, organizations need to make sure their deployment model is repeatable and consistent. Continue Reading


Assess what you know about multicloud deployment

Refresh your knowledge of the multicloud model with this helpful quiz. Continue Reading

2Selecting multicloud providers-

Choose providers to meet your multicloud needs

Choosing providers for a multicloud environment can be just as difficult, if not more difficult, than choosing a single cloud provider. IT pros must carefully evaluate vendors to determine which offer the services they need and fit within their budget. But organizations should also remember that, even after they make their choice, there is no need to put down permanent roots; continuously assess selected providers and know when it's time to pack up and leave for another one.


Integration is key when choosing multiple cloud providers

When evaluating cloud providers for multicloud computing, determine which blend of services fits your business and cloud needs -- and always keep integration in mind. Continue Reading


Unscramble multicloud complexities with cloud service brokers

Understanding all the ins and outs of multicloud computing can be difficult -- especially when choosing a provider. Consider using a cloud service broker to point you in the right direction. Continue Reading


Pick a cloud provider that can stand the test of time

To avoid the costly task of switching cloud providers, choose a vendor that will evolve with your ever-changing IT needs. Continue Reading


Evaluating Azure vs. Google cloud services

Microsoft Azure and Google are both climbing up the cloud provider ladder, but which one is right for your specific IT needs? Continue Reading


Cloud experts predict what AWS will release in 2016

Experts discuss new AWS features that may appear in 2016, as well as how the vendor will approach hybrid and multicloud trends. Continue Reading


How to know when to dump your cloud provider

Sometimes you and your cloud provider grow apart. Maybe it no longer meets your needs or fits within your budget. These helpful tips will help you recognize when it's time to let go. Continue Reading

3Multicloud management -

Management and development considerations for multicloud

Managing a multicloud model can introduce a boatload of obstacles. Before jumping in, test the waters by mapping the features you need to the possible services or tools that can help you manage them. As multicloud computing becomes more common, vendors are developing new management tools to help you track expenses and resources across cloud platforms. In addition, always develop apps with portability in mind to ensure smooth sailing on your multicloud voyage.


Multicloud management isn't a walk in the park

While multicloud deployment provides more flexibility and choice, management can be difficult. Cloud service brokers, and an auditing process, can help. Continue Reading


Tools to streamline multicloud management

To master multicloud, management tools are a must. Consider tools like RightScale and Dell Cloud Manager to control and monitor your environment. Continue Reading


Navigating the multicloud billing maze

Multicloud computing means multiple cloud bills, which can turn into a mess. Keep your bills in check with both third-party and vendor services. Continue Reading


Managing apps across multicloud environments

To better manage configurations across cloud stacks, consider using tools that are commonly used for DevOps, such as Puppet and Chef. Continue Reading


What storage admins should know about multicloud management

What storage admins should know about multicloud management Continue Reading


Design apps with cloud portability in mind

Developers in a multicloud environment must ensure their applications can handle the possibility of cloud architectures changing on the fly. Continue Reading


How to avoid cloud vendor API lock-in

To successfully deploy and manage a multicloud model, organizations need to avoid locking themselves into a single vendor's API. Here are three ways to minimize that risk. Continue Reading


Optimize multicloud with an API management strategy

APIs are an important part of cloud deployment. And because multicloud computing requires organizations to work with multiple APIs, an API management strategy is key. Continue Reading

4Multicloud glossary-

Terms to know for multicloud computing

When adopting a multicloud model, it's important to understand the key terminology. Whether you're an IT pro using multicloud computing today, or are just looking to get a better grasp on the concept, here are definitions you should know.

5Our multicloud specialists -

Multicloud specialists to follow

Follow these multicloud specialists to stay up to speed on the latest technologies and trends

David Linthicum

David Linthicum is a cloud expert who writes about cloud management, among other topics. Continue Reading

Tom Nolle

Tom Nolle is the president of CIMI Corporation, a strategic consulting firm specializing in telecommunications and data communications. Learn more about Tom Nolle. Continue Reading

Alan R. Earls

Alan R. Earls is a freelance writer focused on business and technology. Continue Reading

Stephen J. Bigelow

Stephen J. Bigelow, senior technology editor in the Data Center and Virtualization media group, has more than 20 years of technical writing experience in the PC/technology industry. Continue Reading

Paul Korzeniowski

Paul Korzeniowski is a freelance writer and leading industry voice with more than 10,000 articles published. Continue Reading

Amy Reichert

Amy Reichert is a seasoned software tester with 16 years of experience, including five years of Team Lead experience. Continue Reading

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