Creating and maintaining a corporate app store: Strategies for success

Last updated:December 2013

Editor's note

It's no secret: Online application stores have become a huge part of the consumer IT economy. Now many businesses are considering building their own in-house stores to make approved applications available to their employees, partners and customers. In fact, by 2017, about 25 of all companies will deploy corporate app stores, according to a survey by research firm Gartner Inc.

But reaping the rewards of an in-house app store requires careful planning and constant maintenance. This guide offers expert advice for launching an in-house app store that works for business managers, IT teams and end users alike.

1App stores: Maintenance, users and corporate progress

Learn how corporations have maintained application stores in this section. App vendors and users share status updates on how the app stores have worked this far, how well users are fairing and what the future holds for corporate apps.