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Enterprise cloud security best practices for locking down your cloud

Best practices for locking down your cloud


With ever-changing cloud compliance guidelines, headlines in the media about cloud privacy issues in the wake of PRISM and a growing crop of new vendor services, enterprise cloud security can be a difficult beast to wrangle. And enterprises see it that way, too, as data security issues continue to halt cloud adoption for loads of companies. However, with the assistance of cloud experts, enterprises, especially heavily regulated ones, can sift through all the noise and better secure their cloud environments.

1cloud security obstacles-

Cloud computing security still halts enterprise adoption

Despite cloud's increasing prevalence in IT departments, many enterprises are still concerned with data security. The fear isn't limited to smaller or lesser-known cloud providers; enterprises are even concerned about Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has reigned supreme in the cloud market since its inception. And with recent events such as the NSA's PRISM scandal, enterprise cloud security worries may have taken a turn for the worse. Some experts, however, claim that these events only enhance cloud security, as vendors are aiming to give the customers what they want.


Data security still inhibits public cloud adoption

Data security remains a primary reason many enterprises have yet to consider public cloud adoption. Continue Reading


Amazon security still a 'huge concern' in enterprise IT

Public cloud fears are alive and well in heavily regulated industries. Amazon has some work to do to broaden AWS' appeal in these shops. Continue Reading


AWS customers get advice from the trenches on cloud security

Amazon CloudTrail delivers an important security capability, but AWS shops want more as cloud security remains a high priority for enterprises. Continue Reading


Cloud security services poised for big gains, according to Gartner

Cloud-based security services are predicted to grow to 10% of the enterprise IT security product market by 2015, according to a recent Gartner research report. Continue Reading


Public cloud: Game changer or security gamble?

Cloud security concerns are good reason to avoid public cloud, right? Not always. IT experts go head-to-head on cloud benefits versus cloud security concerns. Continue Reading


Enterprises can't solely rely on providers for cloud data security

IT gives up some control through a public cloud, but that doesn't mean cloud data security must be the sacrifice. And the impetus relies on the organization -- not the vendor. Continue Reading


Cloud insurance makes headway in the enterprise amid security concerns

Insurance companies have long offered IT coverage on privacy breaches and lost downtime. But, now, the cloud has its own set of risks, and cloud insurance policies are growing. Continue Reading


PRISM scandal serves as mother of invention for cloud privacy industry

Because necessity is the mother of invention, the NSA scandal accelerated the market for cloud privacy. In this updated market, data may be safer than ever in the cloud. Continue Reading


A look at the U.S. cloud market in a post-PRISM world

The U.S. cloud services market may take a hit from PRISM's cloud governance issues, but will it take down Amazon Web Services? Continue Reading


Report claims that cloud environments as secure as in-house IT

A study by Alert Logic claims that cloud security issues are no worse than those in traditional enterprise data centers. Continue Reading


Exploring risk scenarios, mitigations of cloud computing insider threats

Cloud computing insider threats may seem unlikely, but experts claim you should think again. There are scenarios and key questions for providers that will reduce the risk. Continue Reading


Hybrid cloud isn't as secure as you think

For IT pros wary of having sensitive data in a public cloud, a hybrid cloud seems ideal. But do hybrid cloud security risks outweigh cloud benefits? Continue Reading

2Cloud security practices-

Best practices, tools for securing your cloud environment

With private, public and hybrid clouds, plus bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and open source cloud, enterprise cloud security can be difficult for enterprises to attain even while following security best practices. In addition cloud vendors are increasingly adding tools and services, such as Security or Authentication as a Service, to assist enterprises with protecting their clouds. But some of the options only add to the confusion. These tips and features from cloud experts should help enterprises wade through their options.


Cloud, BYOD double-edged swords for IT security

BYOD security worries can keep IT admins up at night. While there may be no single way to save end users from themselves, certain cloud services may help soothe IT pros' anxieties. Continue Reading


How enterprises can self-manage private cloud security

While enterprises increasingly look to manage their own cloud security, IaaS providers are offering more self-managed private cloud options. Continue Reading


The truth about open source cloud security

The popularity of open source cloud services is on the rise, but with its increased use comes an increased interest in keeping those technologies secured. Continue Reading


Weighing Software as a Service encryption options

Companies should always work with providers they trust for Software as a Service security, but there are SaaS encryption techniques companies can implement themselves. Continue Reading


Cloud computing security is all about automation

Embedding security functions into the cloud through an API-driven strategy would streamline cloud computing and security and improve security overall. Continue Reading


Security as a Service flips cloud security conversation on its head

Even as some organizations balk at using cloud for security reasons, others find cloud-based Security as a Service beneficial. Continue Reading


Security as a Service enlists cloud-based service to police IaaS

Would you use one cloud to secure another? Some IT shops use Security as a Service to protect Infrastructure as a Service. Continue Reading


A planner's realistic guide to cloud data security

When moving to the cloud, enterprises must accept a certain amount of risk. Cloud data security cannot be viewed in a vacuum, but rather as a form of risk management. Continue Reading


Securing data with Authentication as a Service

Single sign-on for the cloud, or Authentication as a Service, can manage security risks with the rise of cloud and mobile computing if you pick a provider that fits. Continue Reading


Best practices for global cloud privacy and security

Edward Snowden's case heightened the paranoia companies have with placing their data in the cloud, particularly across international borders. Continue Reading


Researchers study O-RAM for future of cloud security

As mistrust in the cloud lingers, MIT researchers look into Oblivious RAM for the future of cloud data security and privacy. Continue Reading


How to use CSA STAR to evaluate cloud provider security

The CSA STAR certification program aims to simplify the process of assessing cloud service providers. Continue Reading

3Cloud security and compliance-

Aligning with compliance, security standards in the cloud

Enterprises, particularly heavily regulated ones, must align with cloud compliance guidelines. The financial, healthcare and government industries have to pay careful attention to changing blueprints for their IT environments, and sometimes it can be hard to tell whether the responsibility lies with the cloud provider or the enterprise. Cloud experts can help sort through the guidelines and give discreet steps on how to comply.


PCI DSS cloud guidelines spark debate among would-be adopters

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council released its PCI DSS cloud guidance, but experts are split on whether the report advances cloud computing security. Continue Reading


PCI report clarifies cloud computing security guidelines

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council's guidance for cloud computing won't discourage cloud adoption, proponents say. Continue Reading


Cloud computing security certification is a two-way street

Enterprise IT should make every effort to meet cloud computing regulations, but providers also need to pony up with valid cloud security certifications. Continue Reading


FedRAMP cloud security standard not yet fully baked

There are limitations of the FedRAMP cloud security standard when using it to assess cloud security, warns the CEO of a FedRAMP 3PAO. Continue Reading


An enterprise guide to cloud computing security certifications

As the number of cloud computing security certifications grows, including both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific, the guidelines can become confusing. Continue Reading


Before cloud deployment, consider risks of e-discovery

The economic case for cloud deployment is compelling for many enterprises. But the risks surrounding e-discovery in the cloud need to be addressed. Continue Reading


Legal, compliance issues take center stage as cloud computing use grows

More companies are turning to cloud computing providers, heightening the importance of cloud compliance and adhering to cloud computing legal issues. Continue Reading

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Altough the risks, applying a cloud platform to your bussiness is essintial. We implemented the Stratoscale platform, and chose hybrid cloud as it offers a holistic solution and a more flexible and mobile enviroment.