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Expect the unexpected with a solid cloud DR strategy

Learn the basics of disaster recovery and how to best choose and execute a cloud DR strategy.


expect the unexpected

Whether it was Hurricane Sandy causing panic among IT administrators, or a major Amazon Web Services outage, the best way to limit damage from IT failure is preparation. Cloud disaster recovery, however, goes a step further than simply having a backup plan.

Cloud DR provides the tools enterprises need to keep their business up and running smoothly in the face of unplanned failure. But which cloud DR strategy should your business select? While strategies vary from company to company, there are a few steps IT pros should take to ensure you choose the right cloud DR fit.

1Intro to cloud DR-

Why does IT need cloud disaster recovery?

IT failures happen -- servers crash and data centers go offline. Natural disasters, cloud provider outages and human error are just facts of life. But events like Hurricane Sandy and past Amazon Web Services outages have taught IT pros that the best way to handle these disruptions is preparation. Cloud disaster recovery isn't just backup; it gives enterprises and SMBs the tools to quickly and efficiently recover from such events. Learn how your company can benefit from cloud DR, and get all the background information to help you make the best DR decisions.


Explaining disaster recovery in the cloud

Discover whether disaster recovery in the cloud is a good choice for your organization, and the pros and cons of different approaches to cloud DR. Continue Reading


How to mitigate disaster during a cloud system outage

Outages with AWS cloud and other service providers have magnified the importance of disaster recovery. Cloud deployments could prevent further damage, experts say. Continue Reading


Recent natural disasters lend new significance to cloud DR

As large swathes of the East Coast looked to resume operations after Hurricane Sandy, disaster recovery in the cloud took on new significance. Continue Reading


Why you should implement a cloud disaster recovery plan

Implementing a cloud DR plan can lead to financial savings for IT professionals and their teams, but it can also ensure a company's data is safely secured offsite. Continue Reading


Cloud DR options at low cost gain momentum

Believe it or not, cloud disaster recovery and backup might be more dependable -- and affordable -- than traditional DR services. Continue Reading


IT disaster recovery planning not only about natural disasters

A lot of details get overlooked in IT disaster recovery planning, as most outages aren't caused by natural disasters, say experts. Continue Reading


Is cloud disaster recovery different than cloud backup?

There is a misconception that cloud backups can improve an organization's recovery time, but there are limitations that companies are overlooking. Continue Reading


Leveraging public cloud for disaster recovery

Cloud computing can benefit disaster recovery, but you must consider many factors before implementing public cloud into your DR plans. Continue Reading


Disaster recovery in public cloud eliminates redundant data centers

VMware shops should consider cloud DR to save money and time in a remote recovery site. But existing services don't make it easy. Continue Reading

2Choosing cloud DR-

Enterprises, SMBs weigh the cloud DR choice

If your company has done its research in cloud DR, now's the time to make a choice on strategy. Enterprises as well as small and midsized businesses can find different advantages in cloud disaster recovery, and may differ in their planning stages. It's vital to consider your own company's specific needs before moving forward with implementing cloud DR.


Are cloud DR services viable for the enterprise?

Can enterprises find success with cloud DR? There are factors to weigh, including choosing between public and private cloud services. Continue Reading


When is it a good idea for SMBs to implement cloud DR?

Learn when and how cloud disaster recovery fits into the data protection strategy for small to midsized businesses, according to experts. Continue Reading


Weighing cloud DR against traditional disaster recovery strategies

Do cloud DR services' benefits outweigh those of traditional strategies? An expert weighs the viability of these disaster recovery approaches for enterprises and SMBs. Continue Reading


Enterprise IT execs question stability of cloud disaster recovery

Cloud storage has drawn interest, but enterprises with lingering security concerns have shied away from cloud DR strategies. Continue Reading


Is Disaster Recovery as a Service an easy sell with SMBs?

In this podcast, experts discuss how DR as a Service is making disaster recovery in the cloud more accessible to SMBs. Continue Reading


For SMBs, cloud may be best choice for disaster recovery storage

For small and medium-sized businesses, is it better to keep DR on-premises or take a chance with a cloud disaster recovery service? Continue Reading

3Cloud DR in action-

Executing and managing cloud disaster recovery strategies

Some companies choose to deploy multiple clouds for failover, such as the hybrid cloud model, and others purchase Disaster Recovery as a Service from providers such as AWS. No matter your enterprise's approach to cloud DR, strict management and testing is crucial for success. Don't allow your disaster recovery strategy to sit stagnant once you've implemented it. From here, IT pros' jobs have just begun.


Planning and testing disaster recovery in the cloud

Cloud-based DR can greatly reduce recovery costs and time compared to traditional DR methods -- and it could protect your enterprise when all hell breaks loose. Continue Reading


Cloud-based disaster recovery requires strict management

Cloud disaster recovery is flexible, easy to set up and can save SMBs money -- but only if stringent management pieces are in place. Continue Reading


Best practices for disaster recovery in the cloud

Your cloud DR strategy plan will be very dependent on the cloud use case your company has, so it's important to learn how to match your cloud environment to DR best practices. Continue Reading


Defining disaster recovery strategies using cloud computing

Think you're running disaster recovery in the cloud? Think again. Be clear on the differences between offsite and cloud DR. Continue Reading


The importance of testing in your cloud DR strategy

It is extremely important to perform cloud DR testing that simulates a real recovery following a major catastrophe. Continue Reading


Disaster Recovery as a Service terms you need to know

Before offering DR as a Service, providers must brush up on the important terms related to disaster recovery. Continue Reading


Rolling out disaster recovery in the cloud without the pain

Providers looking at disaster recovery services in the cloud must examine the challenges and potential of the strategy before implementing. Continue Reading


Six steps to implementing cloud-based disaster recovery

Cloud-based disaster recovery puts effective DR within the reach of just about any company, if you follow a few key steps. Continue Reading


What disaster recovery means for the hybrid cloud model

A combination of cloud bursting and failover, or disaster recovery, may create a highly successful hybrid cloud application -- which could be critical to enterprise cloud strategy. Continue Reading


Why companies are turning to a multi-cloud model

While it may seem counterintuitive, some cloud services providers say customers opt to build a multiple cloud environment for disaster recovery and more. Continue Reading

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