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It's more than an IT job -- it's a cloud career

Cloud computing jobs are hot commodities in IT, as more companies adopt cloud. From managing big data to cracking down on security, a cloud career can head in a number of different directions.


Cloud computing presents a number of new employment opportunities for qualified individuals in the IT space. And many administrators are looking to ditch the server and hop onto the cloud bandwagon to climb the corporate IT ladder.

Cloud computing jobs range from architects and developers to data scientists, security pros and more, all of which require a specific focus. Honing your IT skills to cloud is crucial to receive that big promotion, land that next hot cloud job and enjoy a long cloud career.

If you're planning to work in cloud, the education never stops. Many cloud providers offer vendor-specific training and certifications. In addition, cloud admins can pursue vendor-neutral certifications, such as those from industry trade association CompTIA, to better distance themselves from the other applicants. One thing is for certain with a cloud career -- boredom will never be an issue.

1Find a cloud computing career-

Mapping a career path to cloud

As more companies adopt public, private and hybrid cloud, the need for trained admins increases exponentially. There are many different avenues to take when you're mapping out your cloud career – developer, architect, data analyst, security guru. Just take a peek at and you'll see a bevy of cloud-focused jobs from which to choose. But what positions are hot right now? And which of those have staying power?


How to become a desirable cloud candidate

The world of cloud computing is constantly changing. Fine-tuning your skills and staying ahead of the curve will help you stand out in a cloudy job market. Continue Reading


Java developers can jump ship to a cloud career

Many IT pros are concerned about job security, and are attempting a switch to cloud computing. How can Java developers build a successful cloud career? Continue Reading


Help wanted: Qualified cloud pros

Companies are looking for qualified IT pros for an abundance of cloud computing jobs. But if you lack the necessary skills, a cloud career path is not for you. Continue Reading


All IT career roads lead to cloud

Cloud computing is changing the game for IT careers, but what does that mean for salaries and job satisfaction? Continue Reading


Cloud computing careers that will make you rich

A six-figure cloud computing career is nothing to sneeze at, and those jobs are out there. But where can qualified IT pros find them and cash in? Continue Reading


What's in a name? Cloud creates new job titles

A movement toward cloud computing and mobility has caused an IT job evolution. Chief digital officer is one of the many new IT career opportunities. Continue Reading


Analyzing the role of a cloud architect

As more IT pros pursue cloud roles, the title of cloud architect is an enticing option. But what does a cloud architect do? Continue Reading


Cloud architects paramount to IT ops

Cloud architects are vital to a company's IT success. From overseeing cloud strategy to making important decisions, cloud architects are a crucial cog in the wheel. Continue Reading


All the cool kids are cloud architects

Cloud architect isn't a common position for many companies, but is that trend about to change? Analysts believe it should. Continue Reading

2Cloud skills and education-

Expand your education to sharpen your cloud skills

Working in cloud computing -- like any career -- requires specific skills and knowledge. And in a competitive job market, it's important to distance yourself from other candidates. What types of cloud skills are companies looking for today? Innovative ideas and the drive to keep learning certainly wouldn't hurt any potential cloud pro's chances of landing a good job.


How to make money in cloud

There's a lot of money to be made in cloud. But you won't make fat stacks without the skills to build a cloud stack. Continue Reading


So you want to be a (cloud) architect?

It may be easy to list cloud architect as the next big cloud job, but it won't be easy to become one. You'll need to build your résumé with integration and management know-how before you can build in cloud. Continue Reading


Big data forces IT pros into database territory

Big data has washed away the line in the sand between cloud pros and database admins. How will cloud pros take on the challenge of managing this new realm? Continue Reading


Cloud provider trainings hone admin skills

The need for qualified IT staff has cloud providers scrambling to offer trainings that help improve the admin talent base. Continue Reading


How to take your cloud skills to the next level

IT pros with cloud experience are a rare breed. Sharpening your skills can set you ahead of the pack and make you a desirable job candidate. Continue Reading


Benefits of becoming a cloud guru

IT pros must develop cloud computing skills to keep up in the evolving field. Training and the ability to break out of the traditional IT ops mind-set will get you one step closer to cloud guru. Continue Reading


Cloud developers forced to juggle more responsibilities

Cloud developer jobs aren't getting any easier as the responsibilities add up. Business and tool skills are just two of the many new hats developers must wear. Continue Reading

3Cloud exams and certifications-

Studying up for cloud computing exams and certification

Moving forward in an IT career means staying ahead of the technology learning curve. And as cloud computing sweeps into the data center, enterprise IT needs to keep an eye on relevant training and testing for certifications that can help kick-start their cloud careers. Which types of cloud certs hold the key to success? Is it better to obtain certification from a cloud service provider or a company like CompTIA? We look at which option gives you the most bang for your training buck.


The best certifications to push you ahead in cloud

To have a solid cloud career, you need the proper certifications. But with so many certs available, which are best? Continue Reading


Cloud service provider certifications vs. CompTIA's

Cloud computing has made its way into CompTIA certifications. But that doesn't mean vendor-specific certs are headed for extinction. Continue Reading


Getting acquainted with CompTIA cloud certifications

Certifications are important for cloud pros, and CompTIA has added to the list of available exams. Get acquainted with what's available for the cloud. Continue Reading


Cloud certification, training held in high regard

Cloud provider certifications and training tools are valuable for IT pros looking to master the cloud. And when it comes to the cloud, knowledge is power. Continue Reading


CompTIA targets cloud infrastructure trainings

CompTIA has bolstered its offerings with the introduction of a cloud track focused on delivering cloud infrastructure. We give you the lowdown. Continue Reading


Test your virtualization certification know-how

Training and certification requirements are constantly changing in virtualization and cloud computing. Take the quiz to see if you've kept up.

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