.NET programming language tutorial: Making more with .NET development

Last updated:May 2017

Editor's note

The .NET developer language has been around a long time and it suffers on occasion from not being "top of mind" in the application development arena. But Microsoft has continued to invest in the platform, updating functionality and giving it features that many say rival Java 8 and other options.

Like any language, though, it helps to know the tips and tricks, and this .NET programming language tutorial provides just that. For cloud development, .NET can be an obvious choice, thanks to its easy tie-ins to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. Microsoft considers .NET to be an open source option, and it has cross-platform support for choices other than Azure. But for developers looking to create for the internet of things (IoT) and the cloud, .NET is an easy starting point.

When it comes to modern application development, developers and testers need to understand the strengths and challenges in the .NET platform. Recent changes in .NET have some experts comparing it favorably to Java 8 for programming. Software testers, however, are going to need to think through what's needed to get beneath the graphical user interface to actually test the code. It can be done, but it helps to have a well-thought-out and the right set of tools.

Speaking of tools, there are a host of options to make working with .NET faster and easier for developers. Many are Microsoft-branded choices, but because .NET is now part of the open source environment, there are a wide variety of third-party options available as well. Learn about the options available in this .NET programming language tutorial.

1Developing with .NET: How is it done?

In this section of the .NET programming language tutorial, take a look at application development and .NET. Learn how to build multiplatform applications, the best steps for performance testing .NET apps and where a microservices architecture fits into .NET.

2.NET tools: What are your options?

This section of the .NET programming language tutorial covers .NET framework features and tools. Learn what's next for Microsoft and which tools developers consider the best to work with.