Platform as a Service: Expert advice for selecting a PaaS vendor

Last updated:September 2013

Editor's note

Navigating the fast-growing Platform-as-a-Service landscape can be tricky. This guide, packed with expert advice from SearchCloudApplications and other TechTarget sites, offers a roadmap for finding exactly the right PaaS vendor. Read the content, listen to the podcast, view the videos, browse the glossary -- and then test your knowledge with a quick PaaS quiz.

1Making PaaS a success

Choosing PaaS is the first step. Learn the best way to achieve PaaS goals with strategies and tips from experts and users in this section. It covers all the service provider options, cloud database choices and much more.

2Test your PaaS knowledge

Have you digested all the tips and tricks you've learned about Platform as a Service? Prove it by testing your knowledge with this PaaS quiz.