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Sorting through enterprise IT's PaaS options

Need help determining whether PaaS is for you or which provider to choose? This Essential Guide will walk you through the process.


Cloud pundits and users seem to tout infrastructure as a service and software as a service, but where does platform as a service fit in? Many companies have moved their development efforts to the cloud through PaaS to take advantage of its flexibility, but it hasn't gained the widespread adoption numbers other cloud services have.

Meanwhile, the PaaS market has become crowded, with such major players as Microsoft’s Windows Azure fighting to the top. As open source PaaS, such as Cloud Foundry, gains popularity and companies make acquisitions, however, the choice of which vendor to choose isn't so simple.

Private PaaS continues to gain steam as enterprises worry about data security -- but is it enough to boost widespread adoption? Or should we be looking down a different cloud platform path entirely? This guide has everything you need to know about PaaS, and whether it's right for you.

1Why PaaS?-

Choosing platform as a service in the enterprise

To know if platform as a service is the right cloud option for your enterprise, you first have to know what you hope PaaS will achieve. Understand where PaaS fits among IaaS and SaaS and why some companies are choosing to move development efforts to the cloud. Our expert advice and opinions can help enterprises determine why platform as a service might be the most effective option.


If IT had a hammer, should it be IaaS, PaaS or SaaS?

If cloud is the hammer and your workloads are the nails, according to the law of Maslow's Hammer, is IaaS, PaaS or SaaS the best tool for the job? Continue Reading


Shifting to PaaS when IaaS won't cut it

Many IT pros find platform as a service meets their needs more than IaaS does. Transitioning to PaaS isn't as easy as you think, so how can you ensure success? Continue Reading


What to consider when moving legacy development efforts to PaaS

Platform as a service gives companies more time to focus on designing and coding rather than on managing development infrastructure, but is moving to PaaS worth the effort for legacy development? Continue Reading


Cloud experts give their two cents on PaaS adoption

Everyone is talking about PaaS, so we asked our cloud experts to weigh in on its pros and cons -- and what the future will hold. Continue Reading


Choosing PaaS means focusing on cloud goals, developer needs

Companies looking to invest in platform as a service face more choices than ever before, so it's important to know where to focus. Continue Reading


PaaS selection begins at the programming language

The PaaS market is growing, arguably without a single leader or approach. Picking a PaaS option should involve more than just saying, "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe." Continue Reading


Looking at platform as a service in the year of big data

Big data in the cloud is in vogue. With players like Amazon, Google and Heroku in the mix, enterprises can use PaaS to analyze big data with Hadoop. Continue Reading


CloudBees CEO gives inside advice on using PaaS in the enterprise

What makes PaaS an investment for today's developers? CloudBees founder and CEO answers tough questions and gives practical advice. Continue Reading


What to ask a PaaS vendor when considering adoption

PaaS vendors have flooded the market with information -- some good, some bad. Enterprise IT would be prudent to know which questions to ask any potential suitors. Continue Reading

2PaaS players-

Who's who in the PaaS cloud provider market?

In the ever-evolving cloud computing market, it can be difficult to clearly distinguish the platform as a service players. Microsoft's Windows Azure may be the biggest name in PaaS right now, but some experts say that may not last. With open source PaaS and recent acquisitions, the market is heating up and other vendors are making their moves. These expert tips, advice and industry news can help you understand which PaaS cloud vendor may be the best fit for you.


Cloud Foundry spinoff stirs open source PaaS drama

All is not a bed of roses in open source PaaS, as the formation of a new Cloud Foundry foundation sparks debate about platform as a service standards. Continue Reading


What's wrong with the Windows Azure message?

Microsoft's efforts to explain Windows Azure cloud in the earlier days of cloud computing may have fallen on deaf ears. Can it redefine its platform as a-service offering? Continue Reading


Peeling back the layers of the PaaS market

The platform as a service market can be split into traditional IT vendors and independent, niche providers. How does an enterprise choose? Continue Reading


Three questions to ask when considering Windows Azure

Is Microsoft Windows Azure the cloud platform for you? Companies with Microsoft investments might find it's the top option. Continue Reading


As PaaS evolves, select a vendor that won’t be a dinosaur

PaaS vendors have evolved their products to support multiple languages and IaaS. Here are some key features to keep in mind when choosing your provider. Continue Reading


Choosing from the major PaaS cloud providers

Compare the cloud platforms in this look at the pricing, stability and development options offered by the major PaaS providers. Continue Reading


Cloud Foundry PaaS makes its way on premises

Cloud Foundry, Pivotal's open source platform as a service, has finally arrived on premises. How will the de facto standard work as a private PaaS? Continue Reading


IBM throws support behind open source PaaS

IBM will work with Pivotal in continuing to develop Cloud Foundry, which will give enterprises the freedom to choose which cloud provider or service they want. Continue Reading


PaaS market heats up with Savvis AppFog buy, Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat launched OpenShift Online and Savvis bought AppFog, but the size of the enterprise PaaS market is still tricky to pin down. Continue Reading

3The PaaS cloud future-

Troubles in the PaaS cloud market -- and where it's going

While SaaS and IaaS investments are on the rise, PaaS tends to lag behind. As enterprises worry about cloud security and governance concerns, PaaS providers are stepping up to quell those fears. Can options like private PaaS help boost adoption in the enterprise? Or will something else, such as IaaS vendors capitalizing on offering platform services, change the game entirely?


Top PaaS cloud threats and how to avoid them

Platform as a service offerings suffer from vulnerabilities that cloud admins must monitor and mitigate. Continue Reading


Private PaaS eases enterprise cloud security, governance concerns

Data governance and cloud security concerns have kept enterprise IT away from PaaS, but many see the value of private PaaS. Continue Reading


IaaS infringes on true PaaS cloud architecture adoption

A PaaS cloud can deliver production apps at a fraction of the cost, but IaaS vendors are capitalizing on enterprise hesitance by offering pseudo PaaS. Continue Reading


PaaS cloud adoption blocked by market immaturity, cloud washing

PaaS hasn't seen the success as SaaS and IaaS, sometimes due to cloud washing. Can enterprise IT overcome these hurdles and see its true value? Continue Reading


Wrestling with the concept of private PaaS

Platform as a service has long been a public cloud option, but with lingering security and compliance concerns, enterprise IT is looking carefully at private PaaS. Continue Reading


Experts predict platform as a service upswing for 2014

PaaS adoption predictions are trendy right now, but defining PaaS can be tricky. Some pundits believe the line will eventually disappear between IaaS and SaaS. Continue Reading


Platform services emerge from Microsoft's PaaS cloud failures

As IaaS reigns as king of the cloud market and PaaS struggles, cloud pros are seeking the next wave of cloud services. Continue Reading

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