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The state of the enterprise cloud and prepping for AWS re:Invent 2013

Your guide to the enterprise cloud experience at AWS re:Invent, Nov. 12-15 in Las Vegas.


As more enterprises jump into public cloud, issues such as security, compliance and other major concerns still come up. Where can you look for guidance?

AWS re:Invent, Amazon's industry event for IT pros, looks to tackle some of these issues within the confines of the Amazon cloud. This essential guide will help you prepare for AWS re:Invent and understand the larger issues in enterprise cloud.

Since AWS re:Invent 2012, numerous news stories have brought to light enteprise concerns with public cloud: Shadow IT has not only plagued IT shops, but agencies like NASA as well; enterprise IT has seen the benefits from Platform as a Service, yet security concerns send many to develop private clouds instead; and heavily regulated industries are encountering compliance issues in cloud. In addition, the PRISM scandal brought cloud governance to the forefront, and cloud outages continue to rock major cloud providers, including Amazon.

These issues and more are discussed in this guide to help enterprises weigh the decision of migrating to cloud and managing an existing cloud environment.


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2Cloud computing today-

Where are enterprises in cloud computing adoption?

Providers, including AWS, are doing all they can to boost public cloud adoption, while enterprise IT looks to hybrid and private architectures to maintain control. Meanwhile, outages and providers shuttering their doors keep the industry talking -- but users may simply show where they stand in the debate by implementing shadow IT.


Cloud users want performance, API answers during AWS re:Invent

Despite its place at the top of the cloud market, Amazon still has to own up to user needs and questions. At AWS re:Invent, experts hope the provider acknowledges claims about its performance. Continue Reading


Cloud providers attempt to boost enterprise public cloud adoption

Verizon and Citrix renew efforts to boost enterprise public cloud adoption with overhauled cloud computing platforms. Is it enough to convince most enterprises? Continue Reading


The state of cloud provider and enterprise IT relations

The idea of cloud that providers are pushing varies widely from what enterprise IT wants and is willing to adopt. Cut through the hype to bridge the gap. Continue Reading


Collapse of Nirvanix cloud seen as a canary in the coal mine for IaaS

Cloud storage provider Nirvanix will reportedly shutter, giving enterprise IT reason to reexamine their IaaS cloud backup plans. Continue Reading


Public cloud market grows, but security drives enterprises to private cloud

Enterprise IT shops are seeing the benefits of cloud, particularly PaaS, but security concerns keep private clouds at the forefront. Continue Reading


Shadow IT plagues NASA, enterprise IT shops alike

A recent NASA audit uncovered unauthorized deployments of cloud resources, but IT pros say the agency isn't alone in its struggles with shadow IT. Continue Reading


Regulated industries face cloud migration obstacles

Financial, healthcare and government industries must overcome cloud migration obstacles, such as data security breaches, regulatory issues and finding a flexible cloud provider. Continue Reading


As market matures, interest in private cloud grows

Growing interest in private clouds is the result of improved product offerings and a better understanding of cloud computing among IT pros, experts say. Continue Reading


IT pros call private clouds a detour on the road to public cloud

Private clouds are merely a steppingstone to public cloud, with the cost of maintaining a data center and investing in costly infrastructure the primary reasons. Continue Reading


Creating a realistic strategy for enterprise cloud computing

An enterprise cloud-computing strategy should be based on what cloud service providers can realistically provide -- and what they cannot. Continue Reading


Communication between execs, IT scrutinized in budget talks

Budget talks highlight the communication gap between enterprise execs and IT -- despite both being in favor of cloud. Continue Reading


Three cloud-killing obstacles in the market

Cloud adoption has shown encouraging stats, but industry pros are developing practices that could stand in the way of cloud's success. Continue Reading


The importance of locking down your cloud

In the wake of the NSA's PRISM scandal, cloud data security and governance is at the forefront of the cloud migration discussion. Experts share their best practices for locking down your cloud, and cloud providers give heavily regulated industries compliance reasons to make the migration.


Healthcare orgs turn to Amazon as a HIPAA cloud provider

With Amazon now willing to sign Business Associate Agreements, some healthcare companies will store data in the cloud that's regulated under HIPAA compliance. Continue Reading


Regulating cloud governance across international borders

Edward Snowden's case heightened the paranoia cloud customers have with placing data in the cloud. What are some of the best practices for global cloud privacy? Continue Reading


PRISM scandal serves as mother of invention for cloud privacy industry

Snooping has led to a higher standard for cloud privacy, which begs the question: Is your data actually safer in the cloud than outside? Continue Reading


Security challenges remain for large-scale AWS users

Large-scale Amazon shops say there's still room for the cloud giant to improve its services -- particularly in security. Continue Reading


Private PaaS eases enterprise cloud governance, security issues

Data governance and cloud security concerns have kept enterprise IT away from PaaS, but many see the value of private PaaS as a complement to IaaS environments. Continue Reading


IT pros hold responsibility for cloud data security

IT gives up some control through a public cloud, but that doesn't mean cloud data security must be the sacrifice. Continue Reading


Debate continues over PCI DSS cloud guidelines

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council released its PCI DSS cloud guidance, but experts are split on whether the report advances cloud computing security. Continue Reading


PCI report clarifies cloud computing security risks

Experts say guidance from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council clarifies cloud computing security risks and responsibilities. Continue Reading


A look at the U.S. cloud market in a post-PRISM world

The U.S. cloud services market may take a hit from PRISM's cloud governance issues, but will it take down Amazon Web Services? Continue Reading


Put on your tinfoil hats; most governments are looking in your clouds

The PRISM scandal has potential public cloud adopters running scared of Big Brother, but how much should this change cloud security practices? Continue Reading


'Hidden' costs, pricing confusion shroud true cost benefits of cloud

Throughout the year, Amazon Web Services and other major cloud providers have been in a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. As enterprise IT struggles to find return on investment (ROI) and true cost benefits from larger-scale cloud migrations, experts debate the idea of "hidden" costs in the cloud. A step in the right direction could be breaking down your bill to see what you're really spending for cloud services.


Learning curve can be costly in the cloud

An often-overlooked factor in cloud computing costs is the experience -- or lack thereof -- of IT pros who manage the environment. What you don't know can cost you. Continue Reading


Unforeseen cloud computing costs cause sticker shock

Cloud computing costs aren't limited to server resources, and IT pros who don't plan ahead for costs can be in for sticker shock. Continue Reading


You're charging me for what?! Picking apart your Amazon cloud bill

Amazon cloud bills are as varied as the provider's services. To minimize bookkeeping headaches, learn how AWS constructs its pricing models and what tools are available. Continue Reading


Amazon cuts dedicated instance pricing, raises competition

AWS cut up to 80% of its EC2 dedicated instance pricing to intrigue new enterprise customers and pull them away from competitors. Continue Reading


Amazon cloud cost-cutting tips and tricks

AWS users shouldn't wait to get their bill before making cost-cutting changes to their cloud environment. There are a number of easy ways to cut costs. Continue Reading


How to make cloud computing costs models work for you

Cloud costs use a different model than IT shops are used to, so pay attention to cost model details and watch the numbers for best results. Continue Reading


Pricing for public cloud nowhere near bottom

The race to the bottom in pricing for public cloud services will continue, as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and other providers undercut one another. Continue Reading


Public cloud ROI takes a hit from app migration snags, subscription fees

IT pros are reluctant to commit to the public cloud amid concerns that cloud ROI may not be high enough to justify a complex migration. Continue Reading


AWS shops save with tools for analyzing cloud costs

AWS makes it easy to provision resources, but doesn't offer much advice on optimal usage. Enter cloud cost analysis tools from Cloudyn, CloudCheckr and others. Continue Reading


Experts refute 'hidden' cloud computing costs

CIOs claim they're seeing high hidden cloud costs, but are costs only hidden to those who weren't looking? Continue Reading


Cloud outages in the headlines creates focus on protection strategies

Well-publicized outages throughout the last few years have led to an increased focus in the area of cloud uptime and protection. Experts have come forward with strategies for outage protection and tools that can assist, as the debate continues over who is at fault.


Cloud disaster recovery and backup options gain momentum

Believe it or not, cloud disaster recovery and backup might be a more dependable -- and affordable -- option than traditional services. Continue Reading


Users find faults with Amazon's booming disaster recovery business

The sophistication of AWS disaster recovery means effective cloud backup, but it takes plenty of know-how to make it work. Continue Reading


Updating your cloud outage protection strategy

Cloud outages happen -- but an enterprise can protect its business against them by signing a specific service-level agreement and ensuring a provider's cloud data center is reliable. Continue Reading


Redundancy is key in cloud outage protection

Even public cloud giants such as Amazon experience cloud outages. To best protect yourself and end users, build redundancy into your cloud computing strategy. Continue Reading


SaaS tool helps IT admins detect public cloud outages ahead of providers

Amazon Web Services users don't have to rely on the public cloud provider's outage notifications to diagnose problems, thanks to a new SaaS tool. Continue Reading


What to do when cloud computing services fail

When it comes to cloud service outages, the question is not 'if' but 'when.' Learning to identify outages before they strike is the first major step. Continue Reading


Amazon cloud outage underscores limits of automation

In this week-in-review podcast, editors discuss the implications of the latest Amazon cloud outage and the human error that caused it. Continue Reading


Big data analysis techniques show value in enterprise IT

Enterprise IT has been gathering big data -- but without proper analysis techniques, the business intelligence value is moot. While cloud did prove its place in the big data world, questions of cost and control remain. Third-party tools have come to the aid of companies looking to gain information from their data collection, and providers are stepping up their cloud storage game to accommodate.


Real data strategies could bring cloud to enterprises

Big data gives major business intelligence benefits to enterprise IT, making them good candidates for cloud -- except for high cloud storage costs. Continue Reading


Why are people so hung up on Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop may be a 'perfect' cloud application framework, according to experts, but many enterprises are still in the dark about how to apply it. Continue Reading


Cloud computing increases big data potential in enterprises

Business intelligence gained from mining big data sources and cloud data analytics can present huge gains for companies, but they have to know what they're doing. Continue Reading


Evaluating Analytics as a Service in the enterprise

Enterprises analyzing big data can benefit from lower-cost analysis and reporting with Analytics as a Service. Continue Reading


Big data appliances give enterprises more data analysis options

Third-party big data tools for cloud are multiplying, and many come wrapped with management software and maintenance services -- but they can be costly. Continue Reading


Amazon, GE, Pivotal collaborate on the Internet of Things

Major cloud providers have put the Internet of Things into action to make machines smarter, with implications for medicine, manufacturing and more. Continue Reading


What are useful resources for a data-analysis newcomer?

Collecting data comes easy to an organization, but how do you analyze it? Accessing appropriate resources can help newcomers take advantage of data-analysis techniques. Continue Reading


What are the benefits and downfalls of Analytics as a Service?

Analytics as a Service can reduce cost and time of data analytics for enterprise IT. However, relying on black-box analysis can be a risky proposition. Continue Reading


Amazon Redshift grabs attention of database admins

Amazon Redshift provides an alternative to an on-premises data warehouse. Understanding the differences will help determine whether Redshift is right for you. Continue Reading


Fascination with big data shrouds cost-benefit analysis

Big data analytics requires technology and talent -- at a high price. Tools must run through the cost-benefit-analysis gauntlet before adoption. Continue Reading

7An AWS re:Invent glossary-

Terms you need to know to keep up at AWS re:Invent

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