The state of the enterprise cloud and prepping for AWS re:Invent 2013

Last updated:November 2013

Editor's note

As more enterprises jump into public cloud, issues such as security, compliance and other major concerns still come up. Where can you look for guidance?

AWS re:Invent, Amazon's industry event for IT pros, looks to tackle some of these issues within the confines of the Amazon cloud. This essential guide will help you prepare for AWS re:Invent and understand the larger issues in enterprise cloud.

Since AWS re:Invent 2012, numerous news stories have brought to light enteprise concerns with public cloud: Shadow IT has not only plagued IT shops, but agencies like NASA as well; enterprise IT has seen the benefits from Platform as a Service, yet security concerns send many to develop private clouds instead; and heavily regulated industries are encountering compliance issues in cloud. In addition, the PRISM scandal brought cloud governance to the forefront, and cloud outages continue to rock major cloud providers, including Amazon.

These issues and more are discussed in this guide to help enterprises weigh the decision of migrating to cloud and managing an existing cloud environment.

1Where are enterprises in cloud computing adoption?

Providers, including AWS, are doing all they can to boost public cloud adoption, while enterprise IT looks to hybrid and private architectures to maintain control. Meanwhile, outages and providers shuttering their doors keep the industry talking -- but users may simply show where they stand in the debate by implementing shadow IT.

2The importance of locking down your cloud

In the wake of the NSA's PRISM scandal, cloud data security and governance is at the forefront of the cloud migration discussion. Experts share their best practices for locking down your cloud, and cloud providers give heavily regulated industries compliance reasons to make the migration.

3'Hidden' costs, pricing confusion shroud true cost benefits of cloud

Throughout the year, Amazon Web Services and other major cloud providers have been in a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. As enterprise IT struggles to find return on investment (ROI) and true cost benefits from larger-scale cloud migrations, experts debate the idea of "hidden" costs in the cloud. A step in the right direction could be breaking down your bill to see what you're really spending for cloud services.

4Cloud outages in the headlines creates focus on protection strategies

Well-publicized outages throughout the last few years have led to an increased focus in the area of cloud uptime and protection. Experts have come forward with strategies for outage protection and tools that can assist, as the debate continues over who is at fault.

5Big data analysis techniques show value in enterprise IT

Enterprise IT has been gathering big data -- but without proper analysis techniques, the business intelligence value is moot. While cloud did prove its place in the big data world, questions of cost and control remain. Third-party tools have come to the aid of companies looking to gain information from their data collection, and providers are stepping up their cloud storage game to accommodate.