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Where does the enterprise stand with open source cloud computing?

Open source cloud computing -- like anything in IT -- requires a firm grasp on everything from vendors and tools to best practices. Are your eyes open to all things open source?


Open source cloud computing allows enterprises to mold tools and services to fit their business needs -- nominally, for free. However, the best things in life may not be free when it comes to the world of IT.

Open source brings the need for specialized training and support staff on your team who are knowledgeable about the services you want to deploy. However, if you can make it work, some enterprises believe that open source is the best option.

Certainly today, OpenStack is a bigger name than ever. And with tools such as Hadoop for big data analytics, Docker for application containerization, and Cloud Foundry making a play at platform as a service (PaaS), IT pros have more open source on the brain than ever before. But to make the best decisions for your company, you have to know where you stand with the available open source options.

1Open source adoption-

Can open source adoption overcome enterprise confusion?

With its many benefits, including adaptability, open source has been touted as the future of cloud computing -- but is it actually alive in any production environments? As more options pop up, primarily to compete with OpenStack, how can companies ensure that they're picking the right fit for their cloud environment? The open source market is full of innovative options for all sorts of IT tasks, but it comes down to understanding how they work and what you need.


Filtering the increasingly murky open source cloud tank

As the open source pond deepens with more vendor movements and options, cloud adopters must weed through them to find the best available options for their needs. Continue Reading


Open source tools surpassing cloud management platforms

Customer dissatisfaction in cloud management platforms is driving a movement toward open source tools, but standards and IT skills need to catch up. Continue Reading


Cloud pros craving future open source standards

Open source cloud computing is a growing trend, but cloud pros' thirst for standards is far from quenched. Will open source vendors take notice? Continue Reading


Cloud crystal ball sees good fortunes for open source

Cloud trends change as often as the weather, but all signs point to a bright future for open source cloud computing and PaaS. Continue Reading

2OpenStack rules open source-

OpenStack sitting atop the open source mountain

OpenStack has been the undisputed king of open source for a long time. Now, some experts are even saying that it will rule private cloud computing, too. But there are detractors from this position, claiming that OpenStack has yet to see the light of many production environments.


OpenStack private cloud dominance in doubt?

Although OpenStack reigns as the king of cloud stacks and private cloud, nothing lasts forever. Three trends threaten OpenStack's seat on the throne. Continue Reading


Need-to-know guide for OpenStack Neutron

As OpenStack Neutron continues its evolution in network as a service, networking professionals beware. Could Neutron drive them into extinction? Continue Reading


OpenStack hampered by lofty open source expectations?

Upon its creation, OpenStack drew high expectations. Four years later, the open source vendor continues to make waves, but not all attention is good. Continue Reading


OpenStack closing open source security gaps

OpenStack is dealing with misconceptions regarding the vendor's security. But is its "Win the Enterprise" campaign enough to sway public opinion? Continue Reading


OpenStack's Triple O the answer to adoption quandaries?

With setup and scalability concerns hindering OpenStack's open source cloud platform, projects Triple O, Ironic and Rally look to save the day. Continue Reading


Helion, OpenStack the answer to HP's cloud commitment issues

HP is making a lot of noise in the cloud market and a major investment in OpenStack with its release of Helion. Continue Reading

3Open source players-

Other open source tools, players compete in OpenStack world

Entering the open source ring to take some of the spotlight from OpenStack are players like Cloud Foundry, Docker and Hadoop. Hadoop has long been the leader in the big data analytics world, but newcomers like Cloud Foundry's PaaS and the containerization project Docker are picking up steam. What does the future look like for these open source projects?


Cloud Foundry complicates open source PaaS conversation

A Cloud Foundry spinoff is muddying the once-clear waters of open source PaaS. What does the new foundation mean for OpenStack? Continue Reading


Pivotal CF hoping to lure enterprise PaaS customers

The latest version of Pivotal CF is an attempt to address security concerns, but will enterprise PaaS customers come? Continue Reading


Hadoop becoming an open source rose, but has its thorns

Open source users are flocking to Hadoop and the market shows signs continued prosperity. However, there are still some wrinkles to iron out. Continue Reading


Hadoop as a service competition heating up

Amazon no longer stands alone as the proverbial cheese in the Hadoop as a service market as Microsoft and OpenStack join the mix. Continue Reading


Docker's blaze of open source glory continues with 1.0

Docker continues to make containerization cool and sweep the cloud world with its 1.0 release. What does the future hold for the open source program? Continue Reading


Dell, Red Hat form dynamic PaaS duo based on OpenShift

Dell and Red Hat are forming a new PaaS alliance based on OpenShift. However, history is not on their side for customer acceptance. Continue Reading


Users falling hard for Hadoop, but nothing is perfect

Hadoop users may be in their honeymoon phase with the "perfect" open source framework, but every relationship has its challenges. Continue Reading


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