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September 2012, Iss. 4

The road to SaaS and on-premises integration is treacherous—take a map

Integrating Software as a Service with an on-premises database to keep up with the growing needs of the business may seem easy, but don’t be fooled. The fact is such an integration can be a headache for an organization that doesn’t take the right approach to ensure that its users always have access to the most accurate, complete and up-to-date data wherever and whenever they want it. There are two major challenges to integrating cloud apps with on-premises systems, said Matt Haller, principal at Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP, an accounting and advisory firm. “One is to be aware of any limitations or metering the SaaS vendor may do on the volume of data that can be pushed into it in batches,” Haller said. SaaS vendors serve multiple customers and their tenants, he said, and if one of them stuffs the system full of data all at once, that could cause performance issues. “So, what SaaS vendors do is they say you can only upload a certain number of records at a time so they can deliver their performance to their customers,” he said....

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