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March 2013, Volume 2, Number 3

Hybrid cloud architecture is goal for IT in public-private debate

Some industry watchers say hybrid cloud architecture is just a stepping stone for enterprises, and that they’re ultimately headed for purely public cloud-based deployments for IT services. BMC Software’s Chief Technology Officer Kia Behnia sees things differently. He predicts that hybrid clouds are the destination for the enterprise, not just a stop along the way. BMC, which has been in business 30 years, is looking to reinvent itself as a cloud-oriented enterprise software provider with its MyIT platform, along with Software-as-a-Service-based offerings of its Remedy IT Service Management product. Modern Infrastructure sat down with Behnia recently to talk about the types of clouds BMC’s large enterprise customers are deploying, and which cloud concerns he thinks will linger in the future. What’s on the enterprise docket over the next year? Kia Behnia: A lot of organizations are now looking at rapidly expanding their cloud footprints. We’ve seen organizations get some value out of limited use of clouds for certain workloads or ...

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