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May 2013, Volume 2, Number 5

Examining hybrid data center decision points

Companies have begun to use the public cloud as an extension of their own data center, mixing public and private clouds with colocation and on-premises IT to become as efficient as possible. The pros and cons of a hybrid data center environment was a hot topic at the Modern Infrastructure Decisions conference in New York City on April 11. There was a wide range of opinions on the use of hybrid data center among attendees at the event, from a large government agency that, despite its high data security demands, uses a cloud-first approach, to financial sector businesses that continue to rely on on-premises IT and use public cloud sparingly. Comcast, for instance, uses a mix of public cloud with Amazon Web Services along with virtualization from both VMware Inc. and Microsoft. However, the cable company has developed a bias toward public cloud, according to Charles Hammell, a solutions architect with Comcast who sat on a panel at the conference. “For [proof of concepts] or if you have a great idea you want to build out quickly, ...

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