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May 2013, Volume 2, Number 5

Looking to the future of legacy applications in the cloud

Cloud computing is the talk of the industry, but not all applications are a good fit for the new paradigm just yet. Experts see this picture changing, and most predict that within about five years, apps that are currently difficult to deploy will be better suited to a cloudy home. Right now, applications can be generally divided into two groups: those that are vertically scaled and tend not to play well with others in today’s cloud, and those that are horizontally scaled and well-suited to generic cloud computing. Well-suited apps “are really collections of lightweight services that talk to each other over common protocols and data formats,” said Kent Langley, vice president at San Francisco-based digital consultancy SolutionSet, LLC. Most Web applications, such as those written for webmail or online retail sites, fall under this description. Meanwhile, legacy applications, such as SAP, Oracle’s PeopleSoft and accounting applications, and Microsoft’s SharePoint and SQL Server can still pose deployment challenges in a public ...

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