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March 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3

DRaaS means disaster recovery doesn't have to break the bank

Despite the obvious appeal of cloud DR, early adopters say it isn't always smooth sailing. The DR market once was reserved for those willing to shell out the cash, but cloud disaster recovery increases its accessibility, allowing smaller companies to take advantage. Cloud's benefits means that cloud DR can be run with minimal overhead and upfront costs, as well as allowing for scalability and increased capacity. But even with these benefits, cloud DR still has its faults. Scott McGillivray, director of information technology at Seattle Bank, did a proof of concept of HotLink DR Express, a product that combines VMware's native changed block tracking function and HotLink'ss patented "transformation engine" as part of an on-premises VMware vCenter domain. The proof of concept went great, but moving to production has taken some time. For one thing, he had to rearchitect the firm's 1.5 TB file server to a more manageable size. "Snapshotting a server of that size on regular basis just wasn't practical," McGillivray explained. The firm...

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