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February 2013/ Volume 2, Issue 2

Linux cloud makes some headway with enterprise IT

The tale of Linux reads like a tale of war on two fronts. In the cloud, the operating system has become a top player. In the enterprise, Linux is eating away at proprietary Unix systems, but it lags well behind Microsoft’s Windows as the operating system of choice. As cloud computing gains traction, Linux has the potential—but no guarantee—of gaining more acceptance in the enterprise. Since its release in 1991, Linux has gained a small but growing niche in the enterprise. The operating system has never been able to make much headway convincing companies that it is better than Microsoft Windows, but it has recently become a viable alternative to Unix. With the cloud gaining interest, Linux may start to erode Microsoft’s stranglehold on the enterprise. Linux is a good fit with cloud computing for a few reasons. The first is that many cloud providers start out by building new data center infrastructures. Unlike enterprise customers, they are not married to existing systems like Windows. Consequently, they can opt for the least ...

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