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December/January issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

Avoid surprises, do your homework on cloud computing service providers

The benefits of cloud services and the capabilities of several cloud platforms are by now well-established. The cloud industry offers customers a continuum of different choices, ranging from pure infrastructure to infrastructure platforms integrated with services. When comparing cloud providers, customers can fairly easily evaluate the service capabilities, technical features and benefits of each, as well as the niche services that comprise the total solution. But, before you build a decision matrix and fill it with criteria such as pricing, features and benefits, carefully qualify the base critical infrastructure (backup generators, UPS, cooling infrastructure, security) for each vendor you will evaluate. Here are a few questions to help you look under the cloud provider’s hood: Does the base critical infrastructure have the redundancy you need to meet your service-level agreements? How is the infrastructure designed? Maintained? What visibility will you have into the performance of the critical infrastructure? Does the cloud ...

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