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December/January issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

Proving cloud computing pros and cons to the CIO

Cloud computing, mobile devices and the rise of consumer-users have put increasing pressure on IT departments to deliver the services that users are clamoring for. But IT faces a quandary. How can it deliver on-demand services without opening the floodgates to uncontrolled IT environments? “The amount of consumer access to technology is way out of control for enterprise IT,” said Carl Brooks, an analyst at the 451 Group in Boston. “IT needs to come to grips with all these intersecting trends. A CIO might release an email saying, ‘The company will not support iPads,’ and a sales guy might email back 10 minutes later, ‘But I just bought 3,000 of them.’” For CIOs, this trend convergence presents a particular challenge. IT pros in the C suite rely on their IT staff in the trenches to make informed purchasing decisions. Those IT managers need to give their CIOs on-the-ground advice on the implications of the cloud model, which can have a major impact on so many aspects of a virtual infrastructure. Cloud and virtualization architect ...

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