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December/January issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

Understanding your options for outsourcing IT

Depending on the size, scope and purpose of a business, outsourcing IT might be the best way to minimize costs. The terms colocation, dedicated hosting, managed services and cloud services are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same at all. To make matters more confusing, many colocation facilities also offer managed services and cloud computing under the same umbrella, so telling them apart becomes important for businesses to ensure they get the level of outsourcing they need. Varieties of IT Outsourcing Colocation (colo) refers to renting space in a data center. A colo can provide everything from power, cooling, building security and networking to lockable cabinet cages and internal monitoring capabilities. In a colo, customers supply the server and storage hardware they want as long as it works with the power and cooling infrastructure, and perform all the management. A dedicated hosting service is similar to a colo, but the vendor typically provides the servers as well. All the equipment resides at the hosting ...

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