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April 2014, Volume 3, Issue 4

Cloud-first initiatives alleviate standards and compliance pain points

While their numbers may be few, organizations that have ventured ahead to run production workloads on a public cloud infrastructure have found particular benefits to a cloud-first approach. These trailblazers are gaining flexibility and scalability as their business grows and applications change. They are spending less on physical data centers and server hardware. They're enjoying improved disaster recovery and availability, and the public cloud even helps them meet regulatory standards and compliance. According to a 451 Research survey of 118 respondents conducted in December, just 1% of workload capacity was based in off-premises, non-SaaS environments in 2013. That number, however, is expected to rise to 6% by 2015. "If we know one thing for certain, it's this: IT budgets are flat and have been for a long time," said Carl Brooks, an analyst with Boston-based 451 Research LLC. "But IT consumption increases on a linear scale. That's an enormous macro pressure for IT shops, and the only way to meet it is to go where capacity is ...

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