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April 2014, Volume 3, Issue 4

Scripted automation saves the day in cloud-first IT approach

While some companies struggle with complex cloud migrations or are stuck in on-premises, others are coming forward with a cloud-first approach. By spending less on traditional hardware and software, enterprises are able to capitalize on the business value of cloud services. In this three-part series, cloud-first advocates discuss some of the benefits of their choice, including scripted automation. Speedy server builds, whether to provision quickly, overcome temporary glitches or recover from a far-reaching disaster, are a priority for Robert Half International, which moved a 3,000-user global SharePoint environment to AWS in January. This is part of a larger "cloud-first" effort at the company, explained Sean Perry, CIO for the Menlo Park, Calif.-based staffing firm. Cloud first Part 1: Cloud-first initiatives alleviate standards and compliance pain points Part 2: Scripted automation saves the day in cloud-first IT approach Part 3: Small businesses drop data centers for advantages of cloud computing "I've made clear to the team ...

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