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September 2017, Vol. 6. No. 8

Recent trends in cloud computing fuel the need for DevOps methods

Cloud services have transformed IT infrastructure, but the most recent trends in cloud computing signal a more fundamental shift that's reshaping jobs. Newer cloud services and application design principals -- such as microservices, serverless computing and function as a service -- have important implications for both IT operations staff and developers. However, understanding the difference between these services and how they affect application deployment can be confusing, especially since most cloud providers will simply tell you their service is best. Let's review the characteristics that define each service and how they fit in with DevOps methods. The rise of microservices In 2011, the concept of microservice architecture was just beginning. By 2015, every developer was talking about it. Large companies were all in on microservices, touting the benefits of code reusability, mitigation of risk from upgrades and the speed at which teams could deploy new features. Microservices made it easy for developers to work in small teams ...

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