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July 2013, Volume 2, Number 7

Ditching commercial offerings for open source private cloud software

Not surprisingly, a number of open source private cloud technologies have emerged as alternatives commercial software. They feature varying degrees of maturity and adoption. Among these open source platforms are offerings from Eucalyptus, Citrix CloudPlatform, OpenNebula and OpenStack. Adopting private cloud Part 1: Misleading private cloud adoption stats hide underlying problems Part 2: Ditching commercial offerings for open source private cloud software For some users of these platforms, commercial private cloud software was never even in the picture. When it came time to build a private cloud, marketing software startup HubSpot in Cambridge, Mass., disregarded VMware because of its historically high costs, but also because of its legacy as a virtualization vendor, said Jim O'Neill, HubSpot's CTO. "A lot of people associate private cloud with VMware, but there's a really big difference between virtualization and cloud," he said. Cloud isn't so much about being able to aggregate and manage virtualization hosts, "it's about ...

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