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February 2011, Vol. 1 No. 1

Here's how the cloud will crowd your job

As cloud computing takes hold in the enterprise, changes to the normal patterns of what is both art and science in IT are expected to shift dramatically. Given that this business model is so different from today's hierarchical, client-server model, skill requirements will shift radically to suit the demands of a services world. Applications going out to the cloud smell like outsourcing all over again.   Vasanthan Dasan, CTO and VP of engineering at The Armada Group, The concept is nothing new. Rare is the person who has to write his own printer driver today. Twenty years ago, there was someone in the IT department who did just that. The same goes for network interfaces and network and routing topology. Even application development has undergone some hardcore simplification and standardization; within living memory, programmers wrote instruction directly to their processor, one line and one instruction at a time. How much change do we need and when do we need it? Experts say the best approach is to go slow, determine your end ...

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