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June 2010, Vol. 23

Want to build a private cloud?

Creating an internal or private cloud that gives IT managers the benefits of a cloud running inside the data center isn't easy. IT pros will have to build it and glue it together themselves, as no single vendor currently provides all of the pieces needed. Some packaged software is beginning to appear to help create private clouds, such as Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), but it's limited to Linux-based clouds. What is a private cloud, anyway? It resides inside your data center (on-premise), giving IT managers complete control over the available resources. A typical private cloud relies on the security measures available within the cloud and the data center. It automates workflows and takes out human tasks like configuring routers and load balancers or setting up firewall rules. These are steps that many enterprises with virtualized servers are doing by hand. Enterprises often have a firewall guy, a router guy, a load balancing expert, a storage expert, a guy who is responsible for the operating systems and more. Chris Swan, CTO of...

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