A cloud computing e-book

The cloud computing e-book examines the case for moving to cloud computing as well as issues involved with using the cloud as an application development platform, test bed and storage solution.

The cloud computing e-book examines the case for moving to cloud computing. Individual chapters explain in detail the issues involved with using the cloud as an application development platform and test bed. This e-book also covers issues related to cloud application providers as well as cloud server and storage capacity.

Chapter 1: Cloud Risks and Rewards -- CIO Strategies for the Cloud
Some foresee a future in which all data center computing takes place in the cloud. But most organizations are only just starting to sign up for Software-as-a-Service offerings or integrate SaaS applications or buy additional server capacity from providers. CIOs are carefully weighing all their options before launching into cloud deployment.

Chapter 2: Re-make or Re-model -- Cloud Developer Strategies
The growth of cloud computing is challenging developers to revisit how they build applications. Should they simply upload what they have already created or significantly revamp applications to take advantage of all that cloud architecture has to offer? Learn what issues need to be considered before moving applications to the cloud.

Chapter 3: SaaS on the Rise, but Does It Deliver?
Software as a Service has gained plenty of attention lately as a cost-effective way to deliver a few core applications over the Internet. But as the diversity of SaaS-based applications increases, the confusion over what is and what isn't SaaS has also grown. Find out whether SaaS lives up to expectations in terms of features and cost.

Chapter 4: Keeping Control Isn't Easy
The ability to rent servers and storage by the hour in a pay-as-you-go plan is saving some companies millions of dollars. But cloud providers pushing Infrastructure as a Service have their work cut out for them as users press for more pricing models, tighter security and improved service-level agreements that guarantee reliability.

This was last published in October 2009

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