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The staff at share their weekly opinions on the latest cloud computing news and updates.

Weekly cloud computing update

"Cloudy with a chance of..." is's weekly cloud column. Its oft-irreverent approach to the juiciest cloud stories provides a nice counterpoint to our weekly output of cloud computing breaking news, technical tips and expert advice. This archive contains every back editions of the column for your reading pleasure.

VMware's cloud quandary: Integration
June 9, 2011
As VMware extends the capabilities of vCloud Director and Cloud Foundry, we can only wonder how vFabric fits into the company's cloud strategy.

Apple fuels cloud computing hype all over again
June 2, 2011
Apple launches iCloud, a highly anticipated new service that has nothing to do with its namesake, and joins the march of major IT vendors and telcos into whatever they're calling "cloud."

Citrix shops don't buy cloud simplicity story
May 27, 2011
Citrix's CEO insists that cloud computing will simplify enterprise IT, but IT pros with experience have heard that one before.

The great cloud bait and switch: Agility instead of cost
May 20, 2011
Remember the good old days, when cloud's major selling point was its bottom-line benefits? It's only recently that the buzzword has been curiously changed from "cost" to "agility."

Verizon's two-headed cloud strategy
May 13, 2011
What will Verizon do with Terremark's cloud? How will a new partnership with SAP affect its cloud strategy? These are the questions that we never got to ask Verizon's cloud chiefs.

Red Hat's halfhearted attempt at cloud
May 6, 2011
Open source leader Red Hat unveiled new cloud offerings at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, but nothing flashed the potential to stand out in a crowded market.

Cloud computing M&A: The good, the bad and the ugly
April 28, 2011
VMware, CenturyLink and BMC all made acquisitions to further their cloud computing ambitions this week, but who picked a winner?

A really bad week for Google and Amazon
April 22, 2011
Google is in big trouble with the LAPD and Amazon Web Services customers are none too happy with their cloud company after both suffered services failures.

What does VMware Cloud Foundry mean for enterprises?
April 15, 2011
The announcement of VMware's Cloud Foundry adds yet another option to the crowded cloud development market. Will this new Platform as a Service catch on in the enterprise?

IBM taking on Amazon? Or just taking over?
April 8, 2011
A week ago, IBM's cloud strategy seemed a bit scattered. But after throwing its impressive weight behind a homegrown public cloud service, Big Blue should find itself leading the cloud market.

Meaty new cloud benchmarks tell global story
April 1, 2011
How are the big boys in cloud computing holding up? New benchmarks from Bitcurrent analyze the global performance of Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure.

Beware: Geek imposters threaten to kill your cloud
March 25, 2011
Making the switch to cloud services is hard. It requires dedication and cooperation, and the whole process can be derailed by a nasty batch of geek poseurs. Find out how to keep fake geeks in line.

Should HP buy
March 18, 2011
What can HP do to gain instant credibility in the cloud application market? Well, the server giant could shell out billions for…

Is cloud computing the carriers' to lose?
March 14, 2011
Carriers want cloud business. And when it comes to choosing a service provider, they could be a natural choice for enterprise customers.

Ten cloud computing startups in 10 minutes
March 10, 2011
Got a few minutes? Ten of the best cloud startups at this year's Cloud Connect conference explain why enterprise IT departments should pay them some attention.

VCE and hybrid cloud in the real world
March 4, 2011
The CTO of a health care services company explains his undying love for the private cloud powers of the Virtual Computing Environment.

Sun Microsystems: The real inventor of cloud computing?
Feb. 25, 2011
The co-founder of Sun Microsystems reminds everyone that before Amazon Web Services, there was Sun Cloud Compute.

Why enterprise security hates the cloud: Change is hard
Feb. 18, 2011
Everyone wants cloud to fit into their preexisting systems, but adopting and securing the cloud takes time and effort that many organizations just can't handle.

If you want cloud-in-a-can, VCE is not the answer
Feb. 11, 2011
The Vblock system from VCE is touted as the easiest path to private cloud, but more than a few users report roadblocks along the way.

Can you guess the real cloud computing startup?
Feb. 4, 2011
Cloud computing startups aren't always given the best names. Is it better to stand out in the crowd, or should you shove cloud in there and hope customers take notice?

Cloud computing costs how much?
Jan. 28, 2010
A major vendor's private cloud system could cost up to a million dollars. What is it about cloud computing that's so expensive?

Cloud computing and the Jevons Paradox
Jan. 21, 2010
How well does a 19th-century economic paradox describe your relationship to new cloud services? Better than you'd think.

Amazon Web Services security evangelist quits
Jan. 17, 2011
Steve Riley, Amazon’s cloud security guru, has quit the company. Where did he end up, and what’s the next move for Amazon Web Services?

Amazon beefs up customer support services, finally
Jan. 7, 2011
After years of ho-hum service, Amazon Web Services has finally enhanced its customer support plans.

What Rackspace gets with management tool maker Cloudkick
Dec. 16, 2010
Prominent cloud provider Rackspace shelled out for management tool maker Cloudkick, ensuring that its hosting platform will possess top cloud technologies as the market matures. deal muddies the water for VMware
Dec. 10, 2010's Heroku purchase is already raising questions. What does it mean for VMware and Salesforce's cloud platform collaboration, and how will it affect cloud developers?

Amazon says WikiLeaks violated policy, not politics
Dec. 3, 2010
After a brief stretch of silence, Amazon has commented on its decision to terminate all business with political whistleblower WikiLeaks. The cloud provider says it's all about policy violations, but that hasn't stopped numerous pundits, including Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg, from attacking the company's credibility.

CSA Congress attendees speak up on cloud security
Nov. 18, 2010
Users came to the first annual Cloud Security Alliance Congress in Florida this week to hear the state of cloud security. Some say they're ready, but many are still wary.

Cloud platforms continue to proliferate
Nov. 11, 2010
New cloud computing competitors seem to pop up every day. The platform market, in particular, is packed with burgeoning companies looking to make a mint.

IT pros ready to combat cloud concerns in 2011
Nov. 5, 2010
Attendees at the Cloud Computing Expo and RightScale user conference had much to say about their cloud plans for the coming year.

Microsoft's BPOS triumphs: Are they really cloud?
Oct. 28, 2010
Microsoft has been bragging about its big online apps contracts with New York City and the State of California. But the question remains: are the deals really cloud computing?

Amazon offers new customers free cloud for a year
Oct. 21, 2010
Amazon Web Services will offer new customers 12 months of a free Micro instance. How low can the cloud computing leader go?

VMware makes cloud moves at VMworld Europe 2010
Oct. 14, 2010
VMworld Europe 2010 was packed with cloud computing announcements, but skepticism seems to follow every cloud move the virtualization leader makes.

Online office app wars: Microsoft vs. Google vs. IBM
Oct. 7, 2010
Microsoft, Google and IBM are engaged in a battle for the online office productivity market. And so far, at least in the enterprise, Microsoft is winning.

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