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Cloud computing timeline illustrates cloud's past, predicts its future

To know where cloud is going, you have to know where it's from. This timeline illustrates cloud's bumpy history and what that means for its future.

To understand where you're going, it always helps to look where you've come from. Cloud computing has come a long way since its inception, when Amazon was still only known for selling books and movies, Myspace was considered "cloud," and experts argued on the true definition of cloud computing -- though the latter can still be true. By delving into this cloud computing history and timeline, IT pros can learn from past ups and downs and have a clearer idea of where the cloud market is heading -- though, of course, there are always unforeseen hiccups that can alter its course, such as the PRISM scandal. This cloud retrospective aims to give a high-level view of cloud's history and question what that means beyond 2014.

cloud computing timeline

Cloud computing timeline references

Editorial credits
Writer: Caitlin White
Editor: Michelle Boisvert
UX/visual designer: Brian Linnehan
Copy editor: Francesca Sales
Producer: Lindsay Chase

This was last published in December 2013

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I want to introduce Hyper Quantum Cloud
Great infographic!
This is fantastic.
One of these could probably be created every year, with the rate at which cloud is evolving. Also interesting to note how far back the technology goes.