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Favorite Interop cloud computing tweets, and a shameless Big Bird plug

With sessions on hybrid cloud and BYOD, IT pros got busy tweeting some lessons learned at Interop 2012 last week.

The Interop 2012 conference last week brought many IT professionals to New York City -- and also to Twitter. With talks on mobile devices and bring-your-own-device (BYOD ) trends, hybrid cloud and cloud computing adoption, IT admins took to social media to express their opinions.

Here are some of our favorite #Interop tweets.

@GregChase: Business problems that can result when a company has no IT strategy for evolving to #hybrid #cloud #interop http://pic.twitter.com/LRj5HQSQ
You could argue that an uncoordinated rush to anything is probably a bad idea. But yes, a rush to cloud computing without regard for business costs, employee job descriptions or vendor offerings is also unwise. At the risk of being a buzzkill, proper planning is usually the way to go.

@seattledawson: #Cloud computing is a business model change not just a technology change. so true! via Lisa Larson @rackspace #interop
In keeping with not rushing into cloud, it's important to keep in mind that cloud computing can alter how your company does several things, not just how it accesses applications or stores data.

@gabehernandez9: Per @TWGreene, Hybrid Cloud is NOT having private and public cloud access but having the ability to move between them. #interop
Apparently there is someone at Interop who keeps boasting about his "hybrid cloud," and he needs to be set straight. But he's right: At the heart of hybrid cloud is bridging the gaps, both between private and public clouds and between cloud computing visions in the enterprise.

#interop by 2014 90% of enterprises will allow byod
Sure, this may be true. But anyone who has ever been a teenager knows that people sometimes do things even though they’re told they can’t. News flash: Whether or not enterprises allow BYOD, it's happening -- now.

@bmkatz: The CMO will be spending more on IT than the CIO, this means the biz will direct IT @DortchOnIT #interop #ProtectBigBird
The marketing hype of cloud is certainly on the list of IT admin complaints. But while cloud is a marketing team's best friend, it's also picking up steam in enterprises. Business units' needs are driving IT -- and controlling their own usage with self-service, pay-per-use private cloud models. As hands off as it sounds, cloud computing still involves the entire enterprise – from CIOs to chief marketing officers (CMOs) to IT admins.

@seattledawson: 43% of IT Decision Makers know they have Shadow IT in their organizations as the biz leverages cloud apps #interop
Shadow IT may sound shady, literally and figuratively, but it could also be a source of innovation among an organization's employees -- which could be why decision makers keep unofficially allowing it.


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