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Five cloud experts to follow on social media

The cloud computing market is growing and evolving at lightning speed. To keep up, follow five of the top cloud experts in 2015 on social media.

Cloud computing is a high-growth, constantly evolving market, making it difficult for users and their companies to keep up. And with so much cloud development and growth, it can also be tough to find the best advice -- especially in 140 characters or less.

Social media has become one of, if not the top, news resource, providing the latest updates as they happen. With a number of available social outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and more, users can connect with top cloud experts. But the question then becomes: Which cloud experts should you follow? Here are five of the most "social" leaders in the cloud industry.

Randy Bias

In the cloud computing realm, Randy Bias is among the most well-respected experts. Bias is the founder and CEO of Cloudscaling, which was recently acquired by EMC Corp., and is currently VP of technology at the storage giant. Bias regularly engages with his 16,674 Twitter followers about the latest industry trends and his experiences with different cloud technologies. An avid OpenStack supporter and director of the OpenStack Foundation, Bias often posts his thoughts on the open source technology.

Additionally, Bias regularly contributes to his Cloudscaling blog with thoughts on the cloud computing market, the future of OpenStack, DevOps, as well as EMC and Cloudscaling news. You can also connect with Bias on Facebook and LinkedIn, where he has a number of endorsements and recommendations from other cloud leaders.

Dana Gardner

When it comes to social media, Dana Gardner is everywhere, with active Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and other social accounts. Gardner is the founder, president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, an enterprise IT analysis, market research and consulting firm based in Gilford, NH. With 12,868 Twitter followers, Gardner frequently tweets about the latest trends in cloud analysis, big data, mobile and social media.

In addition to his active Twitter feed, Gardner regularly updates his BriefingsDirect blog and podcast with expert Q&A sessions and analysis. Gardner has been quoted in a number of major news publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe and The New York Times, among others. He has plenty of clout within the IT world -- and his Klout score of 61 is confirmation.

Lydia Leong

With nearly 23 years of IT experience, cloud computing expert Lydia Leong is a vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Inc. Frequently quoted on SearchCloudComputing, Leong shares her cloud expertise on infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and more. Boasting a Klout score of 65, Leong is on various forms of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn. Leong regularly retweets and tweets with her 10,523 followers and other cloud experts about cloud market news, IaaS, PaaS and other IT trends.

Leong also maintains her personal blog, CloudPundit: Massive-scale computing, in which she discusses cloud news, Gartner research, tools and services, networks, hosting and more. Her recent posts include research for Gartner's Magic Quadrant and a list of reasons to work at Gartner.

David Linthicum

There are few voices in cloud computing more prominent than David Linthicum, senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners. Linthicum's LinkedIn account highlights a résumé that's a mile long, with 19 recommendations and hundreds of connections. Linthicum has written or contributed to 13 books, and writes as an analyst for a number of technology-based publications, including SearchCloudComputing and other TechTarget sites. He contributes tips and columns on trends, containerization, cloud security, vendor news and more. Linthicum presents a lot of his latest content to his 23,508 Twitter followers.

A widely considered top thought leader in cloud, Linthicum also hosts his "Cloud Computing Weekly" podcast, which can be heard on SearchCloudComputing. Linthicum sits down with other experts to discuss the latest in cloud and offer advice on the technology.

Werner Vogels

Just as you can't discuss the cloud elite without discussing Amazon Web Services, you can't discuss the top "social" cloud experts without Werner Vogels. Vogels is vice president and CTO at AWS and, with his vast distributed computing expertise, became one of the masterminds behind the powerful Amazon machine.

With a healthy Twitter following of 65,402, Vogels often tweets about cloud computing, AWS and other technology, as well as personal interests. Vogels also garners plenty of attention on his other social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +, in which he has nearly 6,000 followers and more than 38,000 views. Vogels also breaks down the developments and services from cloud king, AWS, on his blog AllThingsDistributed.

Nicholas Rando is assistant site editor for SearchCloudComputing. You can reach him at nrando@techtarget.com.

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What cloud leaders do you follow on Twitter? Why?
With the constant changes of trends and skills in the cloud computing field, choosing cloud leaders whom I should follow is an endeavor that's time consuming. Given the fact that I need to link and network to other professionals in the cloud computing field, I try to make an effort of following professional power users, since they have better connections to other leading industry professionals both in IT and other fields related to my field.
The question to keep in mind here is exactly how much wisdom can be imparted in 140 characters. Isn't the subject too complex for that?
I would also suggest adding @imoyse to this list who appears on many others high up if not topping for his cloud insights.