IncrediBuild 6.0 cranks up speed with Visual Studio, visualization support

IncrediBuild 6.0 offers customers several improvements over previous versions, including faster builds made possible by making use of idle CPU.

Product name: IncrediBuild 6.0

Vendor: IncrediBuild, Tel Aviv, Israel

Release date: Jan. 7, 2015

The new IncrediBuild 6.0 release brings enhanced visualization, error detection, build management and other features that increase support for cross-platform development. In particular, IncrediBuild 6.0 extends Visual Studio shared project capabilities for simultaneous Windows and Windows Phone builds.

What it does

Since 2002, IncrediBuild has provided software acceleration tools and services for continuous delivery and application development. Currently, more than 100,000 users and 2,000 companies use IncrediBuild. Overall, IncrediBuild's parallel computing technologies reduce time spent building applications. "By harnessing idle CPU (unused or underused) resources on the network, IncrediBuild transforms a network of PCs and servers into a private computing cloud," said Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. He likens the result to a "virtual supercomputer."

Why it's cool

Jeremy Weis Jeremy Weis

IncrediBuild is exceptionally easy to use, according to Jeremy Weis, a systems engineer at Adobe Systems Inc. For example, he said, if just one machine has it, the processing done there can be distributed across many more cloud-based CPUs.

In addition to increased support for cross-platform development, the 6.0 release provides a new predictive mechanism that optimizes Visual Studio's MSBuild's throughput for both Android and Windows-target C++ builds. The result, said Maor, is cross-platform builds that enable maximum utilization of cores in a single machine, multiple machines or even remotely.

IncrediBuild's new visualization features are a plus for Weis. "You can drill down into that visual map to really get an idea [of] what your build is doing," he said. "You can see failures, what's being done at a point of failure or success, and that is also an enormous value."

What the users say

"A massive reduction in development time" comes with using IncrediBuild, Weis said. In addition to using IncrediBuild on Adobe development projects, Weis provides support for Adobe customers' builds. Weis said he has seen a 70% decrease in build time with IncrediBuild. Some means of achieving faster development include "being able to submit your change, test it, make sure your build is still valid before you submit it and then not waste a half a day waiting for the build to complete."


Deployment options

Eyal MaorEyal Maor

Traditionally, IncrediBuild has run on-premises using a server and agent model, according to Maor. Natively, the solution provides a scale up to cloud environments, such as Amazon. Recently, IncrediBuild launched integration with Microsoft Azure, and tie-ins with other cloud platforms are in the works.


The FreeDev version of IncrediBuild allows development on a single machine of up to eight cores. IncrediBuild also offers a hybrid pricing model of perpetual use of agents with yearly maintenance and a subscription model for different project sizes priced per machine. For example, the price starts at $395 for a client capable of participating in distributed builds and multi-CPU extension for workstations with up to 4 cores.

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