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Looking at NetSuite SuiteCloud under the microscope

NetSuite SuiteCloud targets organizations looking to integrate their enterprise apps, such as those from Salesforce or SAP, with the NetSuite cloud.

Targeted at enterprises looking to extend NetSuite and other applications to the cloud, NetSuite SuiteCloud is a multi-tenant platform that provides core infrastructure, as well as a number of standards-based tools.

Additionally, SuiteCloud offers application and operational security, data management with multiple redundancy levels, enterprise-grade scalability, a 99.5% uptime guarantee and operational security. But before going all-in with NetSuite's cloud platform, it's essential to closely review SuiteCloud's full feature set, as well as its interoperability with other applications, including Salesforce and Google Apps.

NetSuite offers four pre-configured applications with its SuiteCloud Connect service to make it easier to link NetSuite with popular applications and cloud platforms. SuiteCloud Connect is available for:

  1. Salesforce.com: Salesforce.com customers can tie their customer relationship management (CRM) software to NetSuite's on-demand financials, enterprise resource management (ERP) and e-commerce services.
  2. SAP: SuiteCloud Connect enables SAP customers to link to NetSuite applications, including transactional data, accounts payable, accounts receivable and budgeting.
  3. Google Apps: NetSuite users can connect to Google's calendar and email offerings, and can integrate with ERP and CRM functions.
  4. Oracle: SuiteCloud Connect can link Oracle's E-Business Suite to NetSuite's platform.

NetSuite SuiteCloud also offers a variety of developer tools, including:

SuiteBuilder: NetSuite's point-and-click interface allows users to develop and deploy applications in the cloud. The tool offers unlimited custom fields, forms, records, centers, tabs and roles.

SuiteAnalytics: Described as self-serve business intelligence, SuiteAnalytics can create reports across financials, orders, customers, opportunities and all custom objects. Users can also embed dashboards in key applications.

SuiteScript: According to NetSuite, this Java-based tool offers full-featured application-scripting capabilities. Flexible scripting models and built-in debugging allow developers to customize their NetSuite deployments.

SuiteFlow: NetSuite's graphical workflow management tool, SuiteFlow, lets users automate business processes -- such as lead nurturing, collections management and sales discounting -- and purchase order approvals with a multitude of point-and-click tools.

SuiteCloud IDE: Developers can use the provider's Eclipse-based integrated development environment tool to build SuiteApp functionality on the NetSuite cloud platform.

SuiteTalk: This tool integrates and extends NetSuite with SOAP Web services and lightweight REST-based integration. Developers can use SuiteTalk to integrate on-premises and third-party applications directly into NetSuite.

SuiteBundler: With this tool, users can package and roll out any application built on the NetSuite platform. Versions are managed and deployments are "nearly instantaneous," according to NetSuite.

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The NetSuite SuiteCloud platform is available from select NetSuite systems integrators or service providers.

Neither NetSuite nor its partners disclose pricing information. However, a number of industry resources price the vendor's per-user license at $99 to $129 per seat with annual contracts. Unique software component combinations, add-on products and additional services are extra. Support contracts are also additional and undisclosed.

A free SuiteCloud product tour is available.

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