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Map out an automation strategy with Automation Passport

Automation Passport's free combination of documents and consultations brings a method to the madness that IT automation can be.

BMC's Automation Passport is a methodology that helps customers plan an automation strategy. It was constructed from the experiences of over 1,000 BMC customers. This automation strategy framework was released on Oct. 7, 2014, and is the Product of the Month.

Using Automation Passport, enterprise architects and developers can explain, rank and track the creation of an automation strategy, according to Christopher Keene, president of the data center automation and cloud management product line at BMC.

What it does

Christopher KeeneChristopher Keene

Through a combination of documents and consultations, the Automation Passport helps users plan a strategy for automation. Ronni Colville, a vice president and analyst at Gartner Inc., said BMC's process has come at the right time. She noted that a new job title, automation architect, has emerged recently. Today, she said, automation of applications, processes and systems is required for business competitiveness, and Automation Passport provides a clear way for customers to figure out what they want to do.

Ronni ColvilleRonni Colville

"Passport helps them understand where automation needs to be addressed," Colville said. The framework also helps architects track where automation is being used already, and how. This documentation can help IT and business priority planning.

Automation Passport's tools provide instruction on levels of automation, including how to reach, maintain and maximize value at each level of IT and business processes, Keene said. Without specifying a vendor, the Automation Passport also recommends the technology needed to reach desired automation levels.

Why it's cool

Beta users of Automation Passport have reported positive results, such as faster release of company applications, a decrease in IT infrastructure cost, and a reduction in the time needed to fix compliance and security issues, according to Keene. Other features include:

  • Custom automation roadmaps, which provide guidelines for provisioning, compliance, cloud and DevOps scenarios
  • An automation laboratory, which provides an environment for users to test automation technology, best practices and customer use cases

What the users say

Deloitte Consulting, a subdivision of Deloitte & Touche LLP, used the Automation Passport to improve their Secure Automation service. Mark Masone, a senior manager at Deloitte, said identifying client needs is an integral part of the automation process. The Automation Passport made that possible for Deloitte.

"By leveraging BMC's investment in automation process, we have been able to provide our clients with efficient, secure solutions and services to meet their business needs," Masone said.

What's the price?

The Automation Passport is available at no cost. However, BMC is a software provider and sells automation tools. Although these products fit different aspects of the Automation Passport assessment, BMC's Keene said that the use of Automation Passport is not tied to BMC products and will work with other vendors' offerings.

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