Open source's role in cloud computing

The open source market for cloud computing already features a well-formed batch of tools and services. As open source evolves, our guide can help you keep up with the latest news and advice on Red Hat, Eucalyptus and all the major open source players.

Two worlds entice cloud computing users for very different reasons. There is the vanguard of established companies like Microsoft and Oracle and their traditional, expensive licensing models. Then there is open source.

The world of open source software is basically free and unfettered by proprietary barriers. Many experts believe open source is set to significantly influence cloud computing, and there are several handy tools already available, such as Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, Linux and Xen.

This learning center offers a comprehensive collection of news and advice on open source cloud services.

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Rackspace and NASA launch free cloud software
In a bid to provide the growing cloud market with top-notch service, hosting leader Rackspace and outer space leader NASA have unofficially joined forces to put out an open source platform called OpenStack.

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Open source gains popularity in private clouds
It's no surprise that public cloud computing users are high on open source technologies. What you may not know is that private cloud backers are also using open source platforms like Eucalyptus and Linux.

Cloud service providers weigh Xen-to-KVM move
KVM may be beating Xen in the race to garner cloud service providers' favor because of its struggles to keep up with Linux updates, leading to more companies basing public cloud services on products like an Ubuntu version of KVM.

Former MySQL CEO talks Eucalyptus and cloud computing
Marten Mickos, Eucalyptus CEO and former head of MySQL, discusses cloud computing's massive opportunities, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and buying computing power from 7-Eleven.

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VMware adds open source support for vCloud
VMware looks to boost adoption of its vCloud initiative by releasing open source-friendly tools for developers.

Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition launches with cloud integration
Canonical's new Ubuntu edition is an open source environment based on Eucalyptus software. Additional features include directory stack and single sign on upgrades, along with improved support for Xen and KVM.

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Red Hat users enveloped by cloud, virtualization
The Red Hat Summit gave open source users a lot to talk about with a new cloud computing management offering and development tools.

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Red Hat KVM underpins IBM test-and-dev cloud
Open source stack KVM is the foundation of Red Hat's new software test and development service for the IBM Cloud.



Comparing open source cloud platforms: OpenStack versus Eucalyptus
Our expert scrutinizes the benefits and flaws of OpenStack, which looks to make behind-the-cloud technologies a commodity, and Eucalyptus, which retains some of its own code for the enterprise edition.

Deciphering Red Hat's cloud computing strategy
Red Hat's cloud strategy seems aimed at providing consistent open source cloud service for data centers and public clouds using tools like Deltacloud and Linux -- an approach our expert thoroughly examines.

Linux and the cloud: Tips, news and advice
This compilation of information on Linux and the cloud features articles and advice on standardizing open source virtualization, Hewlett-Packard jumping into the cloud, open source in private clouds and VMware's vCloud.

Installing Ubuntu 9.10 and the Eucalyptus enterprise cloud computing platform
A new version of Ubuntu provides better integration with Eucalyptus's cloud platform. Check out this guide to getting a basic cloud computing platform right.

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Linux vendor offerings for cloud computing
Our expert sorts out the variety of vendor options when it comes to cloud computing and open source Linux systems.

Setting up cloud computing with Eucalyptus
Cloud computing can provide users with on-demand compute resources, which can be harnessed using open source Eucalyptus software that utilizes Xen and KVM.

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Five open source tools for building and managing clouds
With open source technology already impacting cloud computing, and poised to reveal new opportunities, our expert walks through five tools for building and managing clouds, such as KVM and OpenNebula.

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Open source cloud services resource library
Within our expansive learning center on cloud resources, there is an open source section full of explanations of important projects.

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