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OpenStack trends on Twitter reveal the good, bad and ugly

OpenStack is still a hot topic in the cloud world, but user response remains mixed -- especially in the Twittersphere. Here's what IT pros have to say.

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OpenStack has had some growing pains since its first release in October 2010, but remains a popular open source option for cloud. Enterprises and cloud providers are attracted to OpenStack because of the control and flexibility it provides them when developing cloud services -- but it's not without its challenges.

On Twitter, OpenStack trends emerge, with some praising the freedom from vendor lock-in and others complaining about deployment. OpenStack is trying to address these challenges with each new update, including the most recent version, Mitaka. But a lack of support still causes some users to seek answers from the IT community.

Here are some recent OpenStack trends and questions surfacing on Twitter:

This was last published in June 2016

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