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Remember messaging in digital transformation projects

Digital transformation projects and strong customer relationships look rosier, thanks to cloud-based messaging capabilities. So says a recent survey.

Is texting a digital transformation technology? Yes, indeed, according to the majority of 502 IT managers surveyed about using cloud-based communications in consumer-facing applications or websites.

Cloud communications technologies, including text messaging and voice over IP,  give application developers a low-overhead means to add real-time communication to web and mobile apps, according to an August 2017 Lawless Research survey, sponsored by communications platform as a service, or CPaaS, provider TeleSign:

  1. A whopping 99% of respondents' companies are doing digital transformation projects, but only 29% have reached advanced stages. Of those, 18% are planning or starting projects; 52% have completed projects in some areas and 26% in most areas. Just 3% have completed projects and are now digital-first companies.
  2. It's interesting to note that, of those digital-first companies responding to the survey, 43% use cloud communications; only 20% of companies in early stages of digital transformation have adopted it.
  3. Also of note is that 69% of respondents said that sending customer alerts and notifications is the top use case for cloud communications. Others are transmitting marketing messages (61%), enabling cloud-based two-way communications (58%), streamlining account registration (48%), protecting account access (45%) and preventing account registration fraud (44%).
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