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SaaS model still a cloud conversation-starter

Software as a service isn't new to the cloud world, but that doesn't mean no one is talking about it. So what's the Twittersphere saying about SaaS?

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As the cloud computing world turns, often does the market's view of its once prevalent technologies. The latest and greatest services replace their now outdated predecessor. However, some cloud technology has stood the test of time, including software as a service. SaaS vendors host applications and deliver them to organizations over the Internet or a network. But why does SaaS remain so popular among enterprises?

The rise of microservices, coupled with benefits such as automatic updates, patch management and accessibility, is still generating SaaS buzz in the market -- and in the Twittersphere. So, what are people saying about SaaS? The tweets below give a glimpse.

Preston ClarkPreston Clark

Preston Clark @PrestonJClark

Make the time, if it matters. Or de-prioritize and stop worrying about it. (Saying this aloud to myself). #SaaS

Jim CooperJim Cooper

‏Jim Cooper @jimccooper

Lots of benefits from selecting #SaaS for your #JourneytoNewIT BUT remember the first S stands for SOFTWARE .. you still need IT Service!

Ned RenziNed Renzi

Ned Renzi @NedRenzi

Spent last month looking at ways to reduce friction for healthcare apps w/ docs & hospitals. Need faster build-measure-learn cycles. #SaaS

Rasmus BørlumRasmus Børlum

Rasmus Børlum ‏@rborlum

Just used http://birme.net/ to resize and crop 500 images in two minutes. I give my thanks to the creators. #automation #cloud #saas

Dominic TavassoliDominic Tavassoli

Dominic Tavassoli ‏@DomTavassoli

How many #Cloud or #SaaS applications do organizations run? At least twice the number they think they run, via @Talend

Michael CarusoMichael Caruso

Michael Caruso ‏@mdcvegas

Is Oracle feeling the heat as they enter the cloud market? #cloud #ERP #saas

This was last published in July 2015

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