The Daily Cloud repository for February

The February archives of The Daily Cloud provide a day-by-day look at the month in cloud computing, from boasting to VMware taking a shot at Microsoft.

The Daily Cloud

The Daily Cloud is's oft-irreverent look at the world of cloud computing. February's editions include bragging about its association with the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Amazon Web Services offering a new Extra Large Instance and Rackspace reporting an increase in cloud revenue.


The Daily Cloud for February

VMware acquires EMC management tools
February 26, 2010
In a move that might hurt your head if you think about it too much, EMC has sold several virtualization and infrastructure management tools to VMware, its subsidiary, for a reported $200 million.

Did just become the biggest cloud computing company ever?
February 25, 2010
Marc Benioff is bragging about running the biggest enterprise cloud company on planet Earth. Is he telling the truth?

Citrix to expand its SaaS empire
February 24, 2010
Citrix is complimenting its meat and potatoes, Software as a Service-based remote support, with the launch of a SaaS-based IT management platform.

Amazon Web Services presents the High-Memory Extra Large Instance
February 23, 2010
The cloud computing provider's latest instance offering appears to be a budget instance designed for high-memory cache applications.

Amazon hoists new partners into its cloud
February 22, 2010
Amazon adds a few more names to its venerable Amazon Web Services stable; a Yankee Group report attempts to pop the cloud bubble.

Cisco dumps HP as a hardware partner
February 19, 2010
Lines are being drawn in the data center world as Cisco breaks ties with HP to focus on its partnership with EMC and VMware.

CA hooks up with Cloud Security Alliance
February 18, 2010
The nonprofit cloud security fellowship gained a powerful new member with the addition of CA to its ranks.

Rackspace reports cloud revenue up 12%
February 17, 2010
During its quarterly earnings call, Rackspace's CEO said the Amazon Web Services price cuts have not affected the company's position in the cloud.

CloudShare free for the masses, for the moment 
February 16, 2010
In an effort to entice future paying customers, CloudShare will spend a few months giving away its cloud sales service tool.

Salesforce trumpets Dr Pepper in the cloud
February 15, 2010 is bragging that the Dr Pepper Snapple Group's move to Sales Cloud 2 provided a 56% annual ROI. But how sound are the SaaS giant's numbers?

VMware's Jackson takes a shot at Windows Azure
February 12, 2010
VMware claims Microsoft does not use Hyper-V in Windows Azure. Microsoft responds by asking, "VMwho?"

Engine Yard partners with Terremark to enhance VMware's shine
February 11, 2010
Terremark and VMware are dangling Engine Yard's features as a lure for enterprises interested in cloud computing. But will the fish be biting?

A cloud computing open source love fest
February 10, 2010
Terracotta, Eucalyptus, Gear6 and Open Cloud Computing Interface founder Sam Johnston are throwing an open source party in the cloud, and you've got an invitation coming your way!

Sun cloud chief Lew Tucker tweets on his final day
February 9, 2010
In his last day as head of cloud computing at Sun Microsystems, the man who essentially built's App Exchange said goodbye to the masses via Twitter.

VMware and BlueLock build vCloud a la carte
February 8, 2010
VMware hosting partner BlueLock opens CloudSuite, creating a takeout menu for cloud computing and banking on paying customers continuing to browse when the beta ends.

NetSuite's financial results say SaaS is still a blast
February 5, 2010
Despite's dominance of the Software as a Service market, NetSuite's revenues have tripled since 2006. Is there enough money in the cloud for everyone?

IBM and the Air Force talk cloud computing
February 4, 2010
IBM has taken a page from the Oracle playbook by rebranding random IBM stuff as cloud computing. to assist with yet another IT thing you hate
February 3, 2010 has announced the Visual Process Manager, an exciting new way to manage the painful albatross known as business processes.

Amazon and Microsoft butt heads on cloud pricing
February 2, 2010
The latest price cut from Amazon means that the cost of AWS matches, or betters, the cost of Azure. Will Microsoft fire back anytime soon? And let's not forget about Google...

Now that Azure costs money, will people pay for it?
February 1, 2010
Microsoft Azure steps out of the testing phase and prepares to officially do battle with Google App Engine.


The Daily Cloud for January

Cloud to solve the world's economic woes...after a hearty breakfast
January 29, 2010
At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, industry heavyweights from, HP and VMware met to discuss how cloud computing will solve all our economic issues.

Want to build your own cloud? Surgient can help
January 28, 2010
If you've got $50,000 and 30 days, Surgient will help you build your own cloud. But is the the company's Cloud Express a sound investment?

Oracle caves on cloud computing
January 27, 2010
After two years, Oracle has accepted the term cloud computing. To the surprise of no one, however, the company is redefining the oft-defined term to suit its own needs.

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